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Thomas the Dank Engine

Hitosura said:

That's an interesting dynamic, as can the testimony of a ko be taken on the same level as the testimony of a human? As yukkuri have a tendency to be easily influenced, and be gaslight pretty easily, could their testimony be ruled?

Hm. But usually stuff like this, the yukkuri don't remember. They remember the abyusive person, but not much of the details. Remember, she was in a box. As for an attack on his business, it could be ruled that the yukkuri in question was not harmed on his place of business -- but was abandoned there. Dunno, all that seems pretty stretched, especially with no suspect in mind, and no way to link who did it. I could see if, somehow, Kei catches him, the ko could identify them.

The interesting thing is -- will it be considered property damage or animal abuse? :D

Maybe Animal abuse. They are sentient ceeatures that should be considered on par with an animal. Legislation just seems to be lacking about how human they can get.

I'm also countin' on you to make Kei's and Marisa love story play out splendidly. It will be GLORIUS.

But rest assured that guy who's trying to absue Kei's Yukkuri will put an end to a few characters right? So many characters, so many possibilites...

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