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Topic: Poll for text story


Canttakeiteasy said:

Shounen manga styled fanfics tend to drag. And it tends to end up in too many inserts of a lot of descriptions of action scenes which you would later look at as unnecessary.

The real problem with action scenes is describing fast movements.
It just feels so slow reading it rather than seeing a picture...

Canttakeiteasy said:

If you are up to it you can do a choose your own adventure survival story instead where the posters vote what happens next.

Too much for what I can offer.
That's why I'm making a poll before writing, because a multi-chapter works require commitment, unlike a one-shot, and I'd like to know if I should do it (mostly, if there are readers), as I'd need to organize my time.

Late edit:
However if people are interested in reading something else that is not a CYOA, I'll consider it.

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