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Topic: Why manjuu and not mochi or any other pastries?


no. Although you can argue manjuus = mantou (chinese), japanese manjuus are somewhat pliable but most have a flour-based skin which is not stretchy at all.

Most manjuus are not really elastic but some do stretch to a certain degree. For example mizu-an is fairly stretchy since the base skin uses kuzu + corn starch in it (and it doesn't use flour? exactly).

Meat manjuu are more similar to the XO baos of chinese origin and has a yeast + Flour skin which is fluffy and melty in the mouth, and not stretchy at all.

Edit: also the stretchy-ness of yukkuris are mostly due to the exaggeration of the cheek-pulling thing, which doesn't reflect how manjuus actually behave when you pull on them.

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