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Topic: Yukkuri Diary Updates and Discussions

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Cute Aggression

EasyV said:


Could you keep saying that, because it sounds so CYUTE!! XD

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  • EasyV

    Cute_Aggression said:

    Could you keep saying that, because it sounds so CYUTE!! XD

    Yufufufu! So Mister Human has fallen to Alice's city-sectness!
    It's only natural after all!
    Sorry for being so city-sect!
    Now fork over the Marisa sweet sweets! Right now is fine!

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  • carlosraruto

    EasyV said:

    It's the same version as the one I have on my phone.

    Ah, ok. Nevermind then.

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  • PhonyDoughnut

    I was bored and did a small research about what kind of food certain items turn into when you cook them in the frying pan.

    The sliced/"gibbed" Yukkuri leftovers turn into dorayaki, regardless of the type of Yukkuri. I guess you can play pretend and believe that Alice-type dorayakis are filled with custard, but the in-game object clearly has brown filling.

    The poops turn into taiyaki once you cook them. The transformation makes a little bit more sense than the dorayaki to me, especially since there are taiyaki made of custard, chocolate, meat, etc.

    Both of these pastries are edible for any type of yukkuri but also don't seem to trigger any special effect when they eat them, unless they're "overcooked" which leads to a widely known behavior.

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