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Topic: Tag Aliasing

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mad hatter

There are some tags I've run across that aren't incorrect but are essentially duplicates. So far, it's alternate spellings. For example, there's sikieiki_yamaxanadu and shikieiki_yamaxanadu. I also came across this with hinanai_tenshi and hinanawi_tenshi. I re-tagged the "hinanai" pictures with "hinanawi" since there was less and only later thought about aliasing. How are tags aliased and is it done on an administrative level?

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  • poweryoga

    you should just list them all in a topic or something. I can do mass edits/aliases and its easier for me to fix than for you to go through 1 by 1.

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  • mad hatter

    I found three:

    kurodani_yamame and kurodane_yamame

    hinanai_tenshi and hinanawi_tenshi

    sikieiki_yamaxanadu and shikieiki_yamaxanadu

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  • poweryoga

    we had a lot of those.

    Kurodane_yamame -> kurodani_yamame
    hinanai_tenshi -> hinanawi_tenshi
    sikieki_yamaxanadu -> shikieiki_yamaxanadu

    Does that look about right?

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  • captperv

    there is also Gif, animation and animated they are all the same and often on the same post

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