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Topic: WIMY

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EasyV said:

Also the last four posts in a row in the group are mine and I'm feeling a little lonely >_>

Yunyaaaaaaa. =(

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  • Hitosura

    EasyV said:

    I'm bumping this thread because I want to ask Hitosura how's the story going.

    I've been on a constant death march at work since this year began. Been hard finding the energy to do much besides rest.

    It's been itching my brain, and I've been feeling a greater draw to want to continue the story. I started the next part, but didn't get much into it yet.

    I still have a -ton- of material, though. Just need to start typing it all out.

    <3 Thank you two for your concern.

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  • BaronMind

    Mister work stop bullying Keine or Cirno will puff!

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