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Topic: Looking for a specific pool

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A couple of days, I found a pool I can't find anymore since I am retarded. Could you guys help me ?
The story was about a family of yukkuris deciding to live in a cardboard box next to a cabbage field, eating all the vegetables there. they were all happy, until the farmer realizes the mess they made and deicdes to destroy them.

Thanks in advance.

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  • mad hatter

    IDK how old the pool is, but that's a fairly generic theme. It doesn't seem quite right on some details for kacchan or aglet and wouldn't apply to bodied Yuukas. Hopefully, it's Hitosura's link.

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  • Hitosura

    It was another in a long line of True Happiness-esque stories.

    Feels like there was a long period of time around here where everyone was just trying to find a way to remix that and make it as painful as possible.

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