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Topic: Yukkuri Catchphrases

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There are a bunch of yukkuri who often says something that is unique to them.
I thought of listing them for reference, and maybe discover some more if you guys know any.


"ze" is Kirisame's catchphrase too.


For the most part, she's lost in translation.
Reimu almost always end her sentences with "da yo", and some artists have played on this by making her say it like Marisa's "ze".
Something like "かわいくて ごめん ね! だよ!" (sorry for being so cute! da yo!).
The problem is that "da yo" often is actually part of the sentence ("da" is a verb), so it can't be written as-is but has to be translated


She's very city-sect. Definitely not a country bumpkin.
Also "nhoooo" I guess.


She gets it.




Even the actual half-ghost gardener goes "myon" in pretty much every fanwork.
The yukkuri goes "dick!" too.


I wonder what ZUN was thinking when he made Patchy go "mukyu" after you beat her.




Is that so?


Ohh, catchphrase, catchphrase.


The japanese language has different words depending on how polite/humble/formal you have to be, and Sanae usually uses very polite words, compared to other yukkuri, so I believe we can consider this her "catchphrase".

Remilia & Flandre

U~ u~ u~!
Also Remilia goes "dado".


She ends her sentences with "nazu", which if I'm not mistaken was translated as "~mouse" in english.


She often calls for "ojou-sama".

Lily White

The fairy can only say "pyuyuyuyuyu" and "it's spring", so I don't see why people would remove her purpose (announcing spring) just because it's a yukkuri.




Yukarin is 16 years old!


Eye'm the strongest!


White! Black!


She goes "little bones" if I'm not mistaken.




The paru always go paruparuparu.

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  • GNU/Hurdz

    A better question would be where some of the catchphrases even come from. I don't think I've ever seen actual Chen say "I get it!" or Youmu say "Diiiick" before. And I'm still not sure what the etymology of "City-sect" comes from. Like, I get what it means, but it's such a bizarre phrase and probably not the best way to translate "都会派".

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  • BaronMind

    City-sect is a mistranslation that stuck.

    I'm fairly sure Remilia's "do" (pronounced "door") comes from the "Do Re Mi" of Solfège. Because she's "Remi". Don't remember where I heard that though.

    Yukari is actually 17, from her VA in Musou Kakyou. I don't remember if it came before or after the Touhou meme, but she definitely says "Yukarin is 17!" (ゆかりんは十七歳!) in that video.

    I seem to recall Eikis also say "thou may" (よいぞ IIRC) and "death sentence" (don't remember the Japanese version).

    In Japanese Mystias say variations on "chin chin" (ちんちん, tintin or TNTN), which is a "bird chirping" sound that happens to be close to "chinpo" (Youmu's "dick"). Doesn't translate well though.

    Yukkuri Byakuren shares the original's "namusan" (南無三). Same for Kyouko and "Good morning!" (おはよう) or "gyatte" (ぎゃって).

    I've seen quite a few pics showing Nues crying "nueeeeeeeeen". Obvious reason should be obvious.

    I'm not sure if Kogasa saying びっくりしていってね!!! ("bikkuri shite itte ne" -> take it suprised) counts as a catchphrase or not.


    I'm out of functioning brain cells for the day. 最強!!!

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  • Ruukasu

    BaronMind said:
    I seem to recall Eikis also say "thou may" (よいぞ IIRC) and "death sentence" (don't remember the Japanese version).

    Either 死刑 (しけい - shikei) or 死罪 (しざい - shizai)

    I would say the former because of the kanji use. 刑 (けい - kei) means "sentence" or "punishment" while 罪 (つみ - tsumi; onyomi: ざい - zai) means "sin" or "crime".

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  • EasyV

    In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Marisa's scenario, there's this dialogue:

    Alice: Then surely you are a magician of the untamed fields.
    Marisa: As opposed to a magician from a greenhouse?
    Alice: As opposed to a magician from a city sect.

    (source Touhou Wiki)

    I don't know if it's a mistranslation. It might as well be. Regardless, in this specific context, it's still something that makes sense. Alice is comparing a magician from the countryside with a magician coming "from a city sect". It's not an adjective, so even if not 100% correct it works anyway.
    As far as I know, this "coming from the city" dialogue has been sometimes used as a sort of "Alice meme", though it's not as common as, say, "armpit miko".
    Probably whoever translated yukkuri Alice's "とかいは" as "city-sect" wanted to reference Margatroid's speech.

    Chen's and Youmu's catchphrases are most definitely just random things that people found funny enough to make them permanent.
    Or maybe it's yet another obscure japanese meme. Anyway, it has nothing to with the Gensokyou inhabitants. If anything, "myon" and "Ran-shama" are reference to the originals.

    I've seen Yukarin go either 16 and 17 interchangeably.
    Besides that, the whole point is that she's a young girl, definitely not the founder and president of the Old Maids Alliance!
    The whole age thing has been around pretty much since Yukari's inception, I'd say.
    The yukkuri's filling is an additional reference, being natto.

    I've seen Eiki's "thou may", but I discovered it after making the list and didn't update it.

    There's a whole comic about Nue going "nueeeeen", so I'd say we can call that her catchphrase.
    About Mystia, she goes "chin chin" in some non-yukkuri works too, if I'm not mistaken.
    Kogasa's "surprise" is as much of a catchphrase as Byakuren's "namusan" is (i.e. it is).

    And now the strangest thing: I knew of Kyouko's "good morning" (I even wrote a story about her), and I really though I had included her in the list. Guess I thought it but didn't actually add her...

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