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Topic: Your Favourite Yukkuri Sound

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Just for fun, what's your favourite yukkuri sound? It can be the absolute favourite, or a list

I'll start:

  • Suiiiiiiii
  • Yucchi yucchi
  • Yukyakya
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  • Canttakeiteasy

    In no particular order:

    1. Nano je!
    2. Yupiipii! (Not yupii!)
    3. Yuheen! Yuheen!
    4. Nhooooo!
    5. Yunyah!
    6. Yukyakya/Mukyakya (I like the patchouli laugh more though)
    7. City sect/Shitty shect (I like the ko-alices pronunciation though)

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  • GNU/Hurdz

    Yunyah~ is everything I appreciate about Yukkuris encapsulated in a single sound.

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  • Hitosura


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  • captperv

    one of the old yukkuri diary versions when you gave them cake they would say "cake-sama!"

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  • Nitro

    On Yukkuri Diary I like the Patchouli "Mukyu" sound. I used to play the english version and the song "Easy days" was pretty funny. Blue Snow should make the game multi language. But the sound I like most is when they cry like "Unheee".
    In stories I like any word that means sadness, pain or suffering. Especially when they scream in pain like "Piiii". I try to imagine the sound. It's pretty satisfying lol

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  • boom

    The sound that the Yukkuri make on Yukkuri Diary when they turn buri/tarinai.

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