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Topic: Your Favourite Yukkuri Sound

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Just for fun, what's your favourite yukkuri sound? It can be the absolute favourite, or a list

I'll start:

  • Suiiiiiiii
  • Yucchi yucchi
  • Yukyakya
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  • Canttakeiteasy

    In no particular order:

    1. Nano je!
    2. Yupiipii! (Not yupii!)
    3. Yuheen! Yuheen!
    4. Nhooooo!
    5. Yunyah!
    6. Yukyakya/Mukyakya (I like the patchouli laugh more though)
    7. City sect/Shitty shect (I like the ko-alices pronunciation though)

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  • GNU/Hurdz

    Yunyah~ is everything I appreciate about Yukkuris encapsulated in a single sound.

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  • Hitosura


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  • captperv

    one of the old yukkuri diary versions when you gave them cake they would say "cake-sama!"

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  • Nitro

    On Yukkuri Diary I like the Patchouli "Mukyu" sound. I used to play the english version and the song "Easy days" was pretty funny. Blue Snow should make the game multi language. But the sound I like most is when they cry like "Unheee".
    In stories I like any word that means sadness, pain or suffering. Especially when they scream in pain like "Piiii". I try to imagine the sound. It's pretty satisfying lol

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  • boom

    The sound that the Yukkuri make on Yukkuri Diary when they turn buri/tarinai.

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  • mad hatter

    Hitosura said:

    Eye'm the strongest!

    If we can also consider catch phrases like this, mine would be Aya's "Ooh, xxx, xxx". Only exception was the pool with the Kimeemaru seeing her reflection and saying "Ooh, ugly, ugly". :(

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  • captperv

    the newest pc yukkuri diary has the yus yelling "cake sama" and "cakee cakee cakee"

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  • excalivern

    1. Uuu~
    2. Dado~
    3. Jeaaa~ (baby/ komarisa's scream)
    4. Yunyaah~
    5. Nhooo!/ Npooo!
    6. Moru~n Moru~n (their wriggling sound)

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