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Topic: I noticed that most of the time, dead yukkuri appear to have intensively vomitted bean paste before their final breath

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Cute Aggression

I understand that when their body is falling apart, it will try to "repair" by ejecting bad paste, and then too much paste loss....

But were there any images showing the yukkuri having a "okayish" death, like you know, lying on the ground lifelessly, eyes closed or staring to the sky,.... but no paste streaming out of the mouth?

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  • JusticeItEasy

    I recall a few, those usually are dead from shock, or that brand of anti yukkuritis that doesn't lead to "bad memory expulsion" and more a total shutdown of the manjuu.

    Well that or the usual "swift puncture strike into the paste core", that also leads to a non vomiting/shitting death.

    But then again, this is all from memory, I don't have exact examples I can pull links from.

    We would need to lurk the posts using the tags death -vomiting -shitting ?

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  • Cute Aggression

    JusticeItEasy said:

    We would need to lurk the posts using the tags death -vomiting -shitting ?

    I wish Danbooru allowed us to search for more than 2 tags.

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  • EasyV

    It's like that South Park episode where Cartman keeps saying people shit themselves when they die.

    Cute_Aggression said:

    I wish Danbooru allowed us to search for more than 2 tags.

    Apparently users can obtain that privilege in one way or another.
    I can look up more than two tags, I guess because I got Gold rank from Dosu.

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  • JusticeItEasy

    Okay I tried it, since I have a higher rank out of being an old fag....still like 233 pages to look and I am using this tag: death -shitting -vomiting -squashed -shit -vomit

    This...will be troublesome...

    Maybe if I swapped -squashed with something else not necessarily another "-" but maybe shock...

    Edit: tried swapping squashed with shock (minus the -) it didn't help...not sure what other tag use that could be related to this since mental_breakdown isn't one...

    Edit 2: neither madness...sigh not feeling like lurking over 9000 pages for examples...

    Updated by JusticeItEasy

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  • excalivern

    Picture of yukkuri dying without vomit/ excreting paste? those are only in family friendly/ semi ff picture where they died of old age or too weak to vomit/excrete in case of non-ff.

    e.g. post #57788

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