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any artists you hate? YukkurisMustDie Salem
What kind of drawing tablet do you use? zidana123 poweryoga
How much gore can you tolerate? misanon Skribulous
Some Questions about transporting & Translating Cuttler YukkurisMustDie
Having a puffy braid reimu tutorial (For Fun) I<3PuffyReimus I<3PuffyReimus
Yukkuri role play I<3PuffyReimus I<3PuffyReimus
Takamin PChat anon0014 Kakak2008
Hard translation font page 2 FRien2 SpookyYukkuri
Suggestion: Upload several pictures in one go? ukshadow poweryoga
Nothing is sacred. page 2 SpookyYukkuri poweryoga
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