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Series: Abuse one-yu shot: the series (takumi)

Takumi's main abuse series, with smaller stories ordered by release date (abuse one-yu shot: the first, the second ecc).

Almost all classic abuse, with two peculiar tales: one about a mother Remilia teaching her child how to get food (lovely) and one about a cheating Marisa.

absurdres abuse anon crying danger highres koyukkuri peeing pet_clothes pet_yukkuri reimu remilia shit takumi tears translation_available
marisa reimu koyukkuri eating untranslated food translation_available smile happiness takumi
marisa reimu anon koyukkuri untranslated danger translation_available death squashed takumi
anon danger erect_tongue eye_bulging koyukkuri marisa reimu shock squashed takumi translation_available untranslated
reimu translation_request koyukkuri untranslated squashed shock bean_paste takumi
eye_bulging koyukkuri marisa squashed takumi translation_available untranslated
anon crying danger koyukkuri marisa reimu running_away squashed takumi tears translation_available untranslated
anon crying danger koyukkuri reimu running_away takumi tears translation_available untranslated
reimu anon koyukkuri untranslated translation_available death squashed takumi
anon takumi translation_available untranslated
absurdres abuse badge bodied_yukkuri highres nicehead remilia smile takumi translation_request untranslated wall_of_text
badge bodied_yukkuri highres monochrome nicehead non_violent petting remilia takumi translation_request untranslated wall_of_text
absurdres danger death highres koyukkuri marisa peeing reimu remilia shit takumi tears terrified translation_available untranslated yukkuri_on_yukkuri_violence
anon anyaru demanding_food dirty reimu takumi translation_request untranslated wild_yukkuri
abuse crying peeing reimu takumi tears toothpick translation_request untranslated
abuse danger death eye_bulging partial_translation reimu takumi toothpick translation_request untranslated
anyaru dirty marisa takumi translation_request untranslated wild_yukkuri
dirty eating fem_anon marisa takumi translation_request untranslated
anyaru bottom_wiggling danger dat_ass dirty fem_anon highres i'd_hit_that marisa takumi translation_request untranslated
eating happy marisa smile takumi translation_request untranslated