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Collection: Fitting Consequences

When the punishment fits the crime. Or, when something ironic happens- i.e., a yukkuri demands sweets and then gets killed with sweets. Not to be confused with justice, which is a shithead getting what it deserves after doing shithead actions.

Also see the fitting_consequences tag.

marisa reimu alice translated koyukkuri birth factory experiment penipeni pregnant stalk burnt_feet avr-18g
reimu translated violence abuse fat death deibu shithead hanageaki
translated patchouli violence book death vomit eye_loss squashed avr-18g
reimu translated anon crying shit danger tears punishment fitting_consequences spanking discipline remiryaaki
marisa reimu alice translated patchouli violence chen youmu dosuyukkuri death avr-18g
translated anon crying violence chen gun tears weapon avr-18g
marisa translated crying experiment tears rc_car avr-18g
reimu translated crying peeing experiment tears yukkuri_crafts teeth_loss avr-18g
marisa translated koyukkuri crying abuse accessory_abuse tears home_invasion dumbass stake_guy
reimu translated anon koyukkuri eating food fat too_dumb_to_live fitting_consequences shithead bottom_wiggling anger_inducing bonjoviaki
marisa anon koyukkuri translation_available too_dumb_to_live shiruberutaaki
marisa alice translated crying violence cart tears death happy_end series:suii_argument remiryaaki
marisa reimu translated anon koyukkuri eating feeding danger bald cooking vomit deibu sushi bawiza fitting_consequences shithead munch_munch_happiness wall_of_posts z-aki
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