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Series: The First Abuse (kirishima ryuji)

JPN Title:はじめてのゆ虐

A seven part series about the members of the Yukkuri Research group, talking about what got them into yukkuri abuse.

post #41862: Prologue
post #41863: Start of Part 1
post #41871: Start of Part 2
post #41877: Start of Part 3
post #41885: Start of Part 4
post #41888: Start of Part 5
post #41906: Start of Part 6
post #41913: Final Chapter

anon eye_loss justice kirishima_ryuji marisa peeing pet_clothes shithead translation_request untranslated
translation_request anon untranslated non_violent a_noticeable_lack_of_yukkuri kirishima_ryuji
reimu translation_request anon crying untranslated tears tape burnt_feet kirishima_ryuji
anon kirishima_ryuji translation_request untranslated
reimu translation_request anon crying untranslated tears non_violent burnt_feet kirishima_ryuji
anon crying happy_end kirishima_ryuji punch reimu shithead tears translation_request untranslated