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marisa reimu untranslated_original koyukkuri crying experiment tears translation_available heaven_mode torture bald puffing_up deibu too_dumb_to_live shithead desperate_struggle sealed_mouth z-aki
marisa reimu translated koyukkuri peeing danger bald burnt_feet z-aki
absurdres anger_inducing bald crying deibu desperate_struggle experiment heaven_mode highres koyukkuri long_image marisa puffing_up reimu sealed_mouth shithead tall_image tears too_dumb_to_live torture translated z-aki
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    Pain, torture and death for Gesuaki's yukkuri?
    This is very relevant to my interests.


    I cant blame the Reimu for not trying as there is no way for that they would have lived, even if she did her part.
    On the other hand if there was...


    Do even bother looking at their expressions? Deibu there deserves to die.

    The Deibu thinks they're going to live, but makes the Marisa do the work, and gets mad when it makes no progress.

    From a practical point of view, one could have escaped by jumping on the other and going over the edge of the tank.

    Also, only the most pathetic don't even bother trying. Impossible is just a word to make losers feel better about themselves.


    koMarisa: "Sis!"
    koReimu: "Chake it eajyyyy~!

    koMarisa: "Yu!"
    koReimu: "Yuyu!"

    koMarisa: "Shtooopp! Now we have to dwink ittttt~!"
    koReimu: "We're gonna drownnn~! Mishter Water, chake it eajyyyyy~!"

    both: "Gulp! Gulp!"
    koReimu: "Don't wanna dieee~!"

    koReimu: "Yupiiii~ It'sh useless~ Pee-pee ish coming outttt~!"

    koMarisa: "Yuyu! Reimyu! You shouldn't do pee-pee! Don't do pee-pee and keep drinking Mishter Water or we won't be able to chake it eajy"!
    koReimu: "Yu! Yu! Yuyuyu~!"

    koReimu: "WEFWECHED~~~~~!"

    koMarisa: "YUAaaa~! I said not to do pee-pee didn't I!"
    koReimu: "HWAPPINESH~!!!"

    koReimu: "Yuyu! Reimyu just thought of a good idea!"

    koReimu: "Maricha will dwink all of Reimyu's pee-pee! That way Reimyu can chake it eajy! Reimyu ish sho smart!"
    koMarisa: "Whad are you shayingg~!?"

    koMarisa: "Maricha has also reached her limit! Pee-pee iz coming out!"
    koReimu: "CHUT UP! In this situation isn't it stupid to do pee-pee? Don't do pee-pee and keep drinking Mishter Water or we won't be able to chake it eajy! If you don't understand then shtoopid Marisa should die!"

    koMarisa: "Yuyu!"
    koReimu: "Kyute Reimyu is going to do sleep-sleep..."

    koMarisa: "Gulp! Gulp! Reimyu should help tooooo~~!"

    koMarisa: "Hwelp mweee! Myamyaaa!"
    koReimu: "Yuu Yuu..."


    That's what happens when you spoil your child. It turns out to be a total retard that digs its own grave by using its stupidity in place of logic. Of course, with yukkuris there's no such thing as logic.


    Well this was depressing. I think it's the deibu's hypocrisy while the Marisa keeps trying, even as the water's starting to cover it.

    Then the last panel makes me laugh because it reminds me of that Goblins comic.

    Is this part of series?


    Could I get translations on:
    Title at top
    SFX in 1st Panel
    SFX in 2nd panel [splash?]
    SFX in 3rd panel [lick lick?]
    SFX in 6th panel [twitch twitch?]
    SFX in 7th panel by Reimu [Splash?]
    SFX in 9th panel
    SFX in 10th panel
    What reimu is saying in 10th panel [somethign to the effect of yuyuyu I'm guessing]



    The Marisa should have been spared. She seems to be a lot smarter than her sister. And, who are the two bald yukkuri?


    My Guess? The Parents forced to watch their kids dying like that and to make matters worse, for them at least, given a "I have no mouth and i need to scream" treatment.


    I honestly hope these are home invaders or shitheads that deserve this treatment.


    >>I honestly hope these are home invaders or shitheads that deserve this treatment.
    It's z-aki, so you can rest assured that they are shitheads and do deserve it.