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marisa comic untranslated_original koyukkuri crying with_story tears translation_available shell_marisa shell_yukkuri series:the_baby_marisa_and_the_shelled_marisa kiriraitaa
marisa comic translated koyukkuri crying peeing with_story singing tears non_violent anger yukkuri_stack child_neglect carrying jumping shell_marisa shell_yukkuri trembling series:the_baby_marisa_and_the_shelled_marisa kiriraitaa wild_yukkuri urethera(anatomy)
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    Had to take one or two liberties to get stuff to fit.

    Good Marisa, neglect your normal child because it doesn't have a fancy accessory!


    Ahh, yukkuri drama. It amuses me, even though the ones causing the drama are too dumb to see what they're doing wrong.


    Ok, there's something that always bothered me about the marisas type: how does the mother do to carry the babies by the hat? The hat is not fixed on their heads, it's just a normal hat...

    Shanghai Alice

    How does a yukkuri help their kid pee?

    Kiriraitaa's balls are piss machines already. They don't _need_ any help.


    Tinweasel said:
    Ahh, yukkuri drama. It amuses me, even though the ones causing the drama are too dumb to see what they're doing wrong.

    How is that "doing wrong"? I see nothing wrong with this. Other than the big sister's jealousy. The child is handicapped and can't do anything on it's own. It's only natural to help it. The big sister can do all those things on her own. Pee-pee, jumping up on ledges, walking around. Shellrisa can not.


    Argument over that already ended (and it simply consisted of one group saying "it was that one's fault..." and the other saying "no you're wrong" and interpreting everything in the exact opposite way). Check the posting date before you try to get stuck in.


    Had they been pet yukkuris, the handicap would be easily fixed. Upon your pet marisa giving birth to a shell type, buy a replacement marisa hat culled from Factory livestock, remove the shell and give that newborn the hat in return. Make sure you explain that the marisa “can’t take it easy” when it’s movements are so hindered. If they don’t like it, too bad. It’s your name on the deed or rental agreement, not theirs.