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    Was gonna go over the SFX and action lines in the last 2 panels, but decided it was too much effort. |:


    No one minds.

    Empty bubble in the lower right panel?


    From the 2 translations given for the oriiginal, it appears to have been the sound of picking up a rock by Marisa in the empty bubble.


    Damn, I forgot that... V42B has it.

    user 1030

    Yes, it's a "tock" sound from the rock hitting the shell.

    Also, this is just nitpicking, but I'd rather stick to the original slurring, as in some points there's a confusion between chibi-slurring and crying-slurring. For instance, "schut up" would be more baby-like as "chut up" (they can't pronounce the "s") and "chake id eajy" should be "chake itch eajy", as it->id is crying-slurring and it->itch is baby-slurring.


    Personally, as long as it's slurred I don't pay much attention about how. Which is good, cause I couldn't hope to keep track of all the ways I slur in my translations ;) I'm sure linguists cringe...


    Ah... I'm afraid that I didn't pay too much attention to it either. However, I'll stick to the original slurring as best as I can from now, if it's a bother.