One Yukkuri Place

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marisa reimu untranslated_original koyukkuri crying violence tears translation_available death orphan_marisa happy_end gesuaki where's_mommy
marisa reimu translated koyukkuri crying violence tears selfish_mother sequel orphan_marisa happy_end series:yukkuris_in_the_cardboard_house gesuaki where's_mommy
marisa translation_request koyukkuri untranslated too_dumb_to_live z-aki gesuaki
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    Shanghai Alice

    See, most people don't realize that it's worse to leave the kids alive, rather than just do a gory quick, violent murder.


    Chills of fear and depresion, I cant tell you how delicious is this.
    I hope it will meet selfish mother and shithead kids so it make some good JUSTICE! episode, or was that a different story?