One Yukkuri Place

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    Each time I see 2 little deibu, I always want to crush them with my fist!


    I only can understand the last panel. And it makes me happy. JUSTICE is near...


    >>JUSTICE is near...

    I advise you not to get your hopes up, cuz it will sting that much more when they're crushed.


    I don't really get it, but from what I understand, Reimu insists on having done nothing wrong. Alice explains that it is winter and her babies eat too much so they won't make it through. I guess they are voting on who has to leave so the food will suffice for the rest of them.


    Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Alice is just saying they all have to work together to survive the winter and so on.




    "Reimu didn't do anything wrong!"
    A: "...You really are a total hick..."
    "'Didn't do anything wrong'? What was Reimu doing, then? Think about it carefully."

    R: "Yuyu? Reimu was just eating her fill and taking it easy with her cute babies!"
    "Just what is wrong with that?! Reimu didn't do a single thing wrong, did she?!"

    A: "'Taking it easy' is something that should be done together with everyone. Thinking it's okay take it easy all by yourself is something only a hick would do."
    "Reimu is taking it easy all by herself."

    A: "And besides that, there's those babies. In one meal, they've gobbled up several days' worth of food..."
    "Alice has never seen such gluttonous babies! Did Reimu really raise babies like that?"
    Kos: "Yuyu-!"
    "Eajy, eajy!"

    R: "If that's all this is, it's fine! Reimu's great at raising children!"
    "Alice and Marisa can just get more food, and then everything'll be fine!"
    A: "Reimu... Didn't I already tell you it's too cold to get food in winter?"

    A: "Alice and Marisa are tired... So exhausted that they can't take it easy..."
    "At this rate, eventually, we'll be annihilated. Do you understand? We would all die!"

    R: "I can't take it easy like this! Hurry up and do something, easy!"
    A: "If we don't want that to happen, we'll have to work together to make it through winter."
    "Reimu, you have to say to yourself, 'When spring comes, I can take it easy as much as I want, so I'll just have to grin and bear it until then...' Keep that in mind, and we'll make it through this winter together."

    M: "Reimu..."
    P: "Reimu."
    R: "Yuuuu...!"

    Bets on the little bastards eating more than their share again, requiring the rest to eat them to make it through winter?


    *Pulls out a cash roll*

    Betting 10$ on that, tora.


    20$ on the selfish mother and 90% of the group being killed in some way while those KoDeibus survive. This still is gesuaki.


    I'll jump in on having the koDeibus survive. By eating everybody else! Then, their minds will snap, and they'll start eating each other, like a yukkuri Ouroboros. Until some other yukkuri wanders in, which will probably be eaten by the koDeibus with an easy on their faces.


    Damn it Alice. My vote on the shit Reimu and the 2 kodeibus survive by eating everybody else after they're too hungry to move.


    You missed a point, then, Cluster.

    If they end up having to eat the KoDeibus, then Selfish Reimu will be traumatized. Not long after, she'll start with her abuse again, this time with a legitimate "They killed and ate the babies!" whine. It won't be long before JUSTICE Alice can no longer tolerate her bullshit, ending in Selfish Reimu being made to "die easy!" Then the Hunter Marisa will go apeshit, and from then on it's a free-for-all of bean paste carnage, in which Patchouli will be the first to die.
    The KoDeibus and Selfish Reimu die, yet nobody gets to take it easy.

    All too likely.

    And this is yet another reason why all the good yukkuri die out - the scum yukkuri drive them batshit insane.


    Jon Irenicus voice: "You will suffer, you will all suffer!"


    I'm gonna finish editting what's left of this series


    Could I get a translation for the SFX for the rest of the untranlsated stuff?

    Thank you