One Yukkuri Place

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    finally a new one


    Deibu's probably making the classic "I'm so pitiful, So I shouldn't have to work or eat sparingly." decision.


    I'll get on these as soon as I've fixed my computer.

    I can tell you that the Deibu is calling out for the dosu that used to live with their clan.

    Not sure about this, but I'm getting some DOS In The City vibes.




    Oh wow, a new Single Mother Deibu.

    So, is z-Aki still != Gesuaki?


    Well, it seems most likely they're the same. There's no concrete proof of it, though.


    I beg for translation.


    M: Reimu! So don't be mad, let's all take it easy together!"
    P: "Mukyuu!"


    M: "YU!?"
    P: "MUKYU!?"

    A: "Patchouli!! Marisa!!!"
    R: "Enough of that!!"

    R:"DOSU would never say something not-easy like that!! DOSU never said that at all!! DOSU always let Reimu eat until tummy was full and let Reimu took it easy!!"
    R: "What the heck!!! Alice and the others can't take it easy at all!!! Reimu tries very hard to let everyone take it easy!! Have some shame!!! You IDIOT!!"

    A:" REI... MUUUU!!!"
    R: "Yu..." "Dosu..." "Dosuuuu..."

    R: "Why didn't Dosu come back?"
    R: "Where did Dosu go..."
    R: "Yuu, it's true that Dosu went with the strongest Marisa in the clan to teach the mister humans a lesson, but they left and never came back..."

    R: "DOSUUUU!!! Hurry up and come baccckkk!!"
    R: "Dosuuu!!"
    R: "Let the cute Reimu take it easy!!! Reimu wants to eat until tummy's full again!!!"

    "Dosu will go make a treaty with the bullying mister humans! Once Dosu has come to a consensus with mister humans, they will for sure stop bullying us!"

    "Mister humans are for sure no match for Dosu and Marisa!"

    "Marisa will teach mister humans a painful lesson!"


    Went ahead and translated it myself, too, because I don't like to stop halfway on something. Feel free to use whichever you like as the "correct" version; the differences between mine and poweryoga's are mostly cosmetic.

    P: "Don't be so down, Reimu! Let's all take it easy together!"

    M: "Yu-!?"
    P: "Mugyu!?"

    A: "Patch! Marisa!"
    R: "Just give it a rest, easy!"
    M: "Patch!"

    R: "Dosu would never have said such un-easy things! Dosu always let Reimu fill her tummy, and always took it really easy!"
    "And yet, what is this shit?! Alice and the others can't take it easy one bit! Your hard work won't let Reimu take it easy! You should be ashamed, easy! You fools!"

    A: "Re...I...Mu...!"
    R's: "Yuu..."

    R1: "Why won't Dosu come back?"
    R2: "Dosu, where did you gooo..."
    R3: "Yuuu, if Reimu remembers correctly..."
    "Dosu took the strongest Marisa in the herd with her to go discipline the Mister Humans, and never came back!"

    R1: "Dosuuu! Come back soon...!"
    R2: "Dosu~!"
    R3: "Let cute Reimu take it easy! Reimu wants to eat until she's full, too...!"

    Dosu: "Dosu's going to make a treaty with the Mister Humans who bully our friends! Once a treaty's made, the bullying will stop for sure!"
    Marisa: "Marisa and Dosu can definitely beat down Mister Humans!"
    "Marisa'll teach Mister Humans a lesson they won't forget!"
    Yu's: "Dosu... Dosu..."