One Yukkuri Place

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    omfg, 2 new in such a short time *faints*


    *puts up Translators here sign*


    Oh god, I knew it. It's somehow convincing the others to turn on the ones that aren't idiots.


    Only the Reimus. They're stupid and gullible. The Alices and Marisas don't buy it.

    nice starship

    So now all the Reimus escape the Super Big Yukkuri House before the obvious trap is sprung.


    At this rate, starship, that wouldn't surprise me.
    One thing is bothering me right now, though: where are the koDeibus?


    Doing something shitheaded, I'd imagine.


    So, does reimu / deibu's stupidity infectious to other yukkuri reimus?


    It looks like the other Reimus are turning there backs on the Deibu in panel four.
    They may be stupid, but not that stupid.


    R: "If Dosu isn't here, then isn't it Alice and the others responsibility to make sure that Reimu can continue to take it easy!? Dosu's teachings are absolute! Those who ignore Dosu's teachings are TRASH! This is something everyone should understand!!! Alice and the others are yukkuris that can't take it easy!!!"
    R: "If Dosu doesn't come back then it's definitely Alice's and the others fault!!! It's all because of Alice and the others!!"

    R: "Reimu thought Alice and Marisa are really good at hunting so Reimu can take it easy~"
    R: "But Reimu can't eat till tummy's full, that never happened with Dosu!"
    R: "Come to think of it... so maybe it's all because Alice and the others are yukkuris that can't take it easy...?"

    R: "It's definitely because of that..."
    R: "That's right..."
    R: "Alice has been lying to Reimu..."
    A: "YUYU!?!?"

    R: "Alice and the others that can't take it easy are no longer Reimu's comrades!! Reimu will go take it easy with her proud little ones over there!!"

    A: "Fuu.... what a damn hick."
    M: "Yu... Those shithead Reimus are way dumber than we thought..."


    Duplicate translation, I know.

    Bad Reimu: "Dosu said that Alice and the others were supposed to let Reimu take it easy in Dosu's place while Dosu was gone, right?! Dosu's teachings are absolute! What scum you are, going against Dosu's teachings!"
    "Everyone understands too, right?! Alice and the others are yukkuri who can't take it easy!"
    "Reimu's sure Alice and the others are the reason Dosu hasn't come back! It's all their fault!"

    R1: "Reimu thinks Alice and Marisa are good hunters, and they take it very easy."
    R2: "But they won't let us eat our fill! Dosu wouldn't do such a thing!"
    R3: "Now that you mention it, that's right! Can Alice and the others not take it easy, like Reimu said?"

    R1: "It's definitely so..."
    R2: "It's so..."
    R3: "There's no way Reimu would lie..."
    Alice: "YUYU!?"

    BR: "Reimu is leaving the un-easy Alice and her group, easy!"
    "Let's go somewhere else and take it easy with Reimu's braggable babies!"

    Alice2: "Hmph. What a bunch of hicks..."
    Mari2: "Yuu... Those garbage Reimus are even more stupid than I could have imagined -ze!"


    I guess I was mistaken. There loss.

    user 1529

    M: "Yu... Those shithead Reimus are way dumber than we thought..."

    lol. marisa is more 9 then 9. Reimus get into the clan, ate clan week food and now are freely getting away.