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    Fucking Marisa. get oniisan in here.


    No, this Marisa got what she deserves, as did that bitch Reimu.


    What a bitch. Why do the most vile yukkuris never die?


    seriously, I hate abuse and I still want most yukkurisa to die because of stuff like this.


    Happy end?
    No, this is f**king end.


    Why, what did Marisa do? She's just a pimp, and other yukkuri are drawn to her. The worst thing she did in this series was refresh with Alice, but Alice consented. This Marisa was also willing to support two families. Hell, with the Patchu, she probably could have formed a great yukkuri empire.

    Oh wait, that's why you guys hate it. Scared of a little yukkuri, are you?


    Fear of a Yukkuri Planet.

    Tricky circumstances, I suppose. The Marisa was willing to take responsibility, but she clearly wasn't keeping the Reimu's emotions in mind. She's not blameless, especially in regards to damaging others' feelings, but she was otherwise acting to the best of her knowledge.

    Of course, it's easiest to just blame Alice. Alice ruins everything, including a budding Empire of Ease which would, ironically, crush the world beneath its easy iron Yukkbottom.


    all girls are sluts


    Reimu was a bitch in this, killing Alice's babies despite the fact Alice was innocent in this one. Even killing Reimu's babies was justified.


    Reimu was kind of a bitch, but with the prevalence of rapist Alices, her attitude was, while not justified, at least understandable. In the end though, the whole thing was Marisa's fault.

    As much as I like yukkuris, I just want to slap the hell out of that Marisa.


    and next, a Yukkuri Nitori to replace Patchy...


    From least to most responsible for this startling tale of human frailty, I would say...

    5. Patchyukk. Just showed up to help gather food like a servant. Only wound up rollin' with the Yukkurisa because of perceived circumstances.
    4. Yukkureimu. Jilted mate, was there first.
    3. Yukkalice. Offered self, kept the murderball rolling.
    2. Yukkurisa. Took the bait, took Alice home without regard for Yukkureimu's feelings. Had good intentions, but grossly misjudged others' feelings.
    1. Alice. Non-Yukkuri Alice. For reasons that do not need explaining.


    Murder seems like a bit of a strong first step..I mean Marisa should have asked Reimu..but killing your lovers kids is harsh.


    Hmm, just checked this story after technically Prami bumping it and i never seeing it before.

    >_> i know it's an old comment but the fuck are you talking about Kn9 there is no non yukkuri alice in the comic, stop making up stuff.


    she took in more yukkuri despite the fact that she would have to work even harder to take care of them, I guess in the end she just wanted them to take it easy despite her actions, I have a very neutral feeling about this thing


    At least the ants will take reservations for the winter.

    I am rather surprised this type of stories, it is like a slap in the view that we dislike to suffer the Yukkuris but also relieves us the blame when we see a shithead yukkuri receive their well-deserved, this end would have been better if a Remilia appeared in the entrance of the cave ready to eat