One Yukkuri Place

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    Hiiiii. This is Milly.


    Title: Nosebleed 1

    Panel 1:
    Reimu: We're here. (Literally: Arrived.)
    Yukkuri: Yu?
    Onomatopoeia: Pachi. (No clue here. Sorry. Might be the sound of the yukkuri's eyelids opening.)

    Panel 2:
    Reimu: This is my house.
    Sign: Shrine. (It says o-saiden. Saiden = shrine, but adding the o to it makes elevates its status... but since English doesn't have such equivalents...)

    Panel 3:
    Onomatopoeia: Yua~ (Can be construed as being like 'wow', but in yukkuri style, I guess?)
    Yukkuri: Let's live here together...

    Panel 4:
    Onomatopoeia: Fufufu... (Giggling.)