One Yukkuri Place

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    S BENZ

    Another one added to the tale. Wonder what the dingbat diebus have cooked up for us this time? Old fashioned 'divide and conquer' it looks like.


    tranation needed


    M: "Patch! Alice! Marisa!"

    M: "There's no need to provide food for those that broke their ties with us."

    "Yun Yun Yun~ Take it easy to Reimu's song!"
    "Reimu's little ones are so cute when they're taking it easy!"

    M: "At this rate, we really will not be able to survive the winter, ze. We'll banish those useless Reimus that don't do anything except eat, ze. Dosu might get mad, but it can't be helped. If we explained the situation to dosu properly Marisa is sure dosu will understand, ze."

    A: "Alice is going to forage..."
    M: "Yu yu!?"

    A: "Alice agrees with Marisa... but Alice will honor her promise with Dosu. Alice will try to work harder so everyone can take it easy."

    "When Dosu comes back, she will for sure reprimand Reimu and then Reimu will repent... That's right.... Alice believes Dosu will come back..."


    Translator's note: They're fucked. The shithead Reimus will eat everything, get pissed that Alice and Marisa are too tired and too weak to go forage and then kill them for not being easy yukkuris, and then eat their remains so that they're the only ones that survive till spring.

    Then maybe dosu will come back and find out Reimu and the others punished the not-easy yukkuris and then approve because she's a shithead herself.


    Agree with all but the last one; these are three Karma Houdinis. Well, the two kids are, anyway.


    Right... I meant the Reimus will all survive + 2 kos by eating Alice + Marisa + Patch, and then Dos will praise them when she gets back (if she gets back).


    The dosu went 'teach a lesson' to bullying humans, it's pretty unlikely that it will come back, ever.

    And the number of yukkuris in there is bit weird, they seem to appear and then disappear again.
    I think there's at least three or four Reimus + koyukkuris, two Alices, two Marisas and a Patchouli but who knows.


    I hate when things this cute make me want to kill them... There is also another possibility though, that they are in A Scientific observation though because the are literally in building labeled Yukkuri house. If I remember correctly.


    ...or its a trap. Who would give a yukkuri, or a LOT of yukkuri for that matter, a house/home?


    Thanks for TL, its really high level of stupidity if even Marisa realize it.


    The dosu that went to punish mister humans won't come back post #15631.


    Again with the duplicate translations. Hope I don't step on any toes like this.

    M2: "Patch! Alice! Marisa!"

    M2: "There's no need to feed useless things like that -ze!"
    Reimu's: "Yun yun yu~n♪ Let's take it easy with Reimu's song~♪"
    "Reimu's babies are so easy and cute!"

    M2: "At this rate, we really won't make it through the winter!"
    "We ought to banish those gluttonous slacker Reimus before it's too late -da ze! Sure, Dosu might get angry, but Dosu will surely forgive us once we explain the circumstances!"

    Alice: "..."
    "Alice is going hunting..."
    Marisa: "YUYU!?"

    Alice: "Alice and Marisa are thinking the same..."
    "But Alice will keep her promise to Dosu! Alice will try her best to try to let everyone take it easy!"

    Alice: (When Dosu comes back and scolds Reimu, even Reimu will repent...)
    (Yes... Alice will be patient until Dosu returns...)


    Kick that bitch and her damn shit out a party,they will survive the winter


    I guess you could call Alice and Patchy 'lawful stupid'.