One Yukkuri Place

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    Did anon just tell something about Marisa that Reimu didn't like or did he fake that it was Marisa talking?


    My guess is the Marisa is sterile and the Reimu punished her by taking her hat and kicking her out.


    M: "Yufuu~ Yufuuu~ Reimuuu~ Let's refresh~!"
    R: "Marisaa~ Feels goooood~ Yufuu~ Yufufuu~!"

    Anon: "Marisa! Reimu! Congratulations on your marriage! Take it easy!"
    "But, y'know, Reimu, that Marisa's annual income is only 200 sweet-sweets, isn't it? The Marisa next door takes home 500 sweet-sweets a year!"

    Anon: "You sure you want to offer your virginity and be joined to a loser-Marisa?"
    "Oh, well, I guess it's none of my concern. Anyway, congrats on your marriage! Marisa, Reimu, I wish the two of you the best, from the bottom of my heart!"

    Anon: (I did a good thing.)
    right balloon: "They're pretty noisy, aren't they?"
    "Yufufu! Well, it's their wedding night. I guess they can't help being noisy!"
    "Yuyu~n! Marisa, you naughty thing, you!"
    middle balloon: "A Marisa who doesn't earn enough is unsuitable for Reimu!"
    left balloon: "Loser-Marisa, get out of Reimu's house, easy! Reimu's going to marry a much more wonderful Marisa!"
    no-hat: "Yugehh!"

    Shanghai Alice

    ...yukkuris have annual income?

    From WHAT? It's not like they can actually get jobs...

    Then again, anon was probably trolling...


    I like how "sweet-sweets" is a unit of currency now. How would that even work? One peppermint-sized candy=1 sweet-sweet? But what if a yukkuri gets a piece of bread or an apple? Do yukkuris then trade foodstuffs based on the sweet-sweet value; if so, who oversees it?

    Now I'm imagining yukkuris imitating human economics in an attempt to get human easy places without home invasion.


    Anon's just trollin. Most yukkuris can't count past 3, much less 200.

    I'd love to see the yukkuris try to barter for a home with sweet sweets and bugs though.


    But they seem (in this one at least) to understand that there are numbers bigger than 3, even if they can't quite conceptualize it.

    Gets me thinking though. Human-created yukkuri housing, with rent in the form of yukkuri labor (picking up trash, pulling weeds). Bonus pay (for good behavior and accomplishing goals) is in the coveted sweet-sweets.

    Keeps yukkuris from begging on the streets and pestering in stores, as well as giving them less reason to try and seize houses.

    Maybe a tad unrealistic, but a man can dream, can he not?


    so... yukkuri assisted housing. Interesting idea.


    It'd be some kind of park/reserve, with strong walls cutting it off from the rest of the city. Kind of like a zoo or something, people can come and watch, but yukkuris can't leave once they enter.

    I might have to break my writer's block and flesh this out more.


    It would fraught with dangers and faults though... issues such as overcrowding, population growth, shitheads (and shitheads in waiting), rebellion from yukkuris when they become dissatisfied with what they get...

    Of course, that's all just conjecture. But I've decided to appropriate that idea for the next edition of supermarket yukkuris, okay?


    Go for it!

    I'll probably hammer out a short story with my own interpretation of it later, but it's pretty open-ended.

    S BENZ

    Is anyone typesetting this series, I wonder?