One Yukkuri Place

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    Marisa: "Yufuu~ Marisa is back, ze~ Today is a very hot day, ze~"
    Reimu: "Welcome back, Mari...Who are youuuu!?"
    KoReimu: Puff~


    Marisa's black! I mean... back!

    Little one will puff up to keep black yukkuri who can't take it easy away!

    Stevo the Human

    But wouldn't Marisa's gigantic hat prevent her for tanning?


    Maybe the heat just cooked her to the point of being toasty and crunchy?
    You know, heat itself is enough to cook and toast stuff.


    She's been bitten by a guido. It's... it's too late! Flee, heads, before it starts punching goblins in the face and flexing!


    >>You know, heat itself is enough to cook and toast stuff.>>

    No,if you steam something it will not have the same effect as frying it, even if the amount of heat is the same. How the heat is applied is also important.


    Just for reference, the text next to the Marisa says "well-cooked".


    Well the heat could also come from the enviroment, rocks, pavemented soil, etc.

    Maybe this Marisa either took way too much sun, or had been hopping and crawling around averagely heated surfaces.


    But then only her bottom would be burnt, no? In order for the whole body to be burnt the Marisa would need to have rolled her entire body around on it for an extended amount of time.


    Unless it was in a highly reflective area perhaps.


    Maybe they live near a white sand beach?

    S BENZ

    I might 'have a go' at a translation typesetting of this one ok! Could take a couple of days/weeks ok.

    S BENZ

    had some time to do it today actually, will be posted shortly.