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    Is it still a deibu at the end?

    S BENZ

    I'd 'have a go at this one' if I knew what's being said!



    (1 week later)

    (2 weeks later)

    bottom: "When your yukkuri becomes scum or Deibu... Trust a professional at Yukkuri Correction!!"


    that would be kind of awesome. IF it worked.


    The dumbest thing about this whole program is that it operates on the basis that one yukkuri has something special or is worth "correcting."

    Don't like your current yukkuri? Gut it and get a new one. Any one will do.

    And that one on the bottom doesn't look any better, just smaller.


    Well i would say it works more in the assumption that Yukkuris can all be corrected to begin with, which i would call it dubvious and as much not 90 of the cases reaching such advanced state of shitheadness.

    It's rare for a yukkuri to change or truly get better if they had gone as far as a deibu, usually it's like a zombie mutation, there may be ways to "save" the infected in early stages but when it reaches and advanced stage....well.....make the poor bastard a favor and kill it.


    this appears to be geared towards the more important pet yukkuri.


    anelaid if your pet goes Deibu, then something wrong happened in it's breeding, since it shouldn't, at least if you got a True Gold or Platinum, anything less is a gambit.

    And as i mentioned, it's like a zombie disease, you just can't cure it when it got 100% Deibu.


    Deibus are the yukkuri equivalant of zombies?

    Dawn of the Deibu?


    Pretty much, just think about it, if you ignore the whole "living dead" part, you'll see it makes a lot of sense. Because if All the yukkuris were Deibus, it would be as bad as All the humans being Zombies, and we know that in such a scenario, the best course is complete extermination.