One Yukkuri Place

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    Why is this tagged too dumb to live? Once the car's owner sees the markings, he'll have no choice but to submit to the Marisa's authority. Very smart Marisa, me does think.


    Markings means nothing against Mister Keys and Mister Important Ownership Paper, they are easier and prove how Great and Easy the mister is, so the marisa should submit as the lower uneasy creature it is and fork over sweets sweets and be them mister's slave!


    I'd do the ironic thing: Use the stick to 'mark' her before impaling it between her eyes. I don't intend on giving her a quick death, though. She doesn't deserve one.


    But Marisa doesn't understand mister keys or mister ownership paper, so why would she be bound by their authority?

    Are you stupid? Do you want to die?


    If Marisa doesn't understand the superior easiness of mister keys and mister ownership paper, then Marisa is stupid and should drop dead easy, since she isn't as easy ans as great as mister owner, sorry for being so great and the sage of the city!


    Don't forget that Marisa has Mister Awesome Stick. Human doesn't have Mister Awesome Stick, does he? No? Then he doesn't deserve Mister Car and should probably go get Marisa more easy things or die.


    *takes Mister Awesome stick from Marisa and breaks it*

    Mister Awesome Stick? More like Mister Shitty Stick, it suits such a uneasy and stupid marisa like marisa, sorry for being so great and easy

    *stabs both halves of the stick into the Marisa where the ears would be if she were a head*

    This is the proper treatment of uneasy scum!


    Hmm now i think this one could use a unnoficial sequel of the owner showing up and well, the usual takes place.


    the usual being the owner screaming and crying, cowering in fear of Marisa's power and handing over sweet-sweets...



    Why so much hate for the great Marisa-sama? All she's doing is vandalizing a valuable possession in a thoughtless act of sheer greed and stupidity. Is that so bad?


    Because Shitty Marisa isn't a Marisa-sama, only an uneasy yukkuri that pales against the greatness and easiness of Mister Car Owner, it's natural for such inferior shitty marisa to serve as Mister Car Owner's slave, apologize and bring over sweet-sweets quickly.

    And for the sequel, i was actually thinking something like Mezzo said, the great and easy Mister Car Owner-Sama using the stick to make easy markings on the shitty marisa and make her his slave.


    What are you talking about it? Marisa-sama is taking it very easy, as you can see with pictorial evidence. If mister car owner attacks an easy yukkuri with a stick, then he's truly scum who should die quickly.


    Mister Car Owner Attacked the uneasy marisa for trying to take away the easy stuff of mister car owner, it's the right of the very easy ones to protect their easy stuff, so Mister Car Owner as easy one, punished the uneasy Marisa.

    Marisa is nothing more than a shitty uneasy theft and scum that should drop dead easy if she won't apologize and become mister car owner's slave!


    anyway, taking aside the joking here, if those markings are really making an "M" as i think they are, i could give some props to this marisa.....not like she'll get her way and not be punished in a painful and mortal way, but, if she can actually scribble an M being a shithead, that's some accomplishment.


    Well, it looks to be quite an awful 'M'... to me it seems like a straw house.


    Yeah but there is a slightly resemblence to an M in the strawhouse's "roof", not like i'm assumming it was done on purpose or that was the intention, but, it still must worht something that "Marisa" labelled something "M", even if by mistake.

    Of course, this shouldn't change anything and shitty marisa should be killed easy.