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    S BENZ, I recommend you improve these hard translations. Certainly they "get the job done" but they could be much better.

    Why is every individual segment of text a different size, a different thickness, and why are there three different colors used? Also, the vertical text is annoying and completely unnecessary. And you misspelled "Deibu."

    We need to get some serious quality control up in here. I don't know what software you're using but if you're not currently using good software, you need to get some and learn to use it well.

    This is what I would have done:

    S BENZ

    I think I'll give the typesetting 'lark' the flick, as I lack the 'technological' ability and skill level to do it proper justice. It on the whole has been fun but my services in this area are too crude for the modern non-'make do and mend' sensibilities of the modern computer user. Thanks to all who have enjoyed them but I am putting the frustrations of working Gimp (a frustrating demon of a programme to work with at the best of times) and Paint ("too primitive" for anyone who is generation "Y" and younger) behind me.

    I will however still upload and comment on other images though. Thanks.


    I used Gimp at one time, but promptly dumped it for Photoshop; I'm currently using Photoshop CS3.

    You sure can wax eloquent so I'm having a hard time understanding why you wouldn't be able to operate a program like Photoshop or at least use some of its more basic functions to get the job done.

    All I did was use the Rectangle selection tool to select the areas of text and then use the paint bucket tool to fill it in with white. Then I simply used the Text tool. Nothing difficult there. I mean, if you're able to navigate the internet you should be able to operate Photoshop.

    Perhaps you'd like to give it another go using Photoshop? You should give the trail a go at the least.

    Another good and free alternative to Gimp is

    All you really have to do is choose a better font, keep it consistent, and keep the text horizontal. I hope you won't throw in the towel just yet.


    Have you tried Paint.NET? It's what I've always used, and I've found it much easier than GIMP...


    why all the hate for the gimp? I don't edit all that often, but I get whatever I ever need done without much trouble. scripting in a scheme dialect is also fun and easy. but then, I've been on gnu/linux for over half a decade now.


    Gimp is pretty decent. But it's a matter of taste, tbh. I find more easy to use than paint tbh. My friend recommends using SAI for line drawings though.


    I use gimp myself and it's pretty decent. It's the first photo editing program apart from ms paint that I've used however so I'm not sure how it matches up to the others.


    I tried Paint.NET, but found its lack of "out-of-box" functionality to be pretty lacking.

    I bought a used copy of Photoshop CS2 on the cheap a little over a year ago, and haven't looked back since. Still not thoroughly familiar with all its tools and functions - not by a long shot - but I do a fair job with it, I think.