One Yukkuri Place

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marisa reimu untranslated_original anon sex translation_available z-aki
marisa reimu translated anon sex z-aki
marisa reimu translated anon sex series:hitched z-aki
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    S BENZ

    Part two of two.
    Original post #21613

    It was hard enough finding a font to fit on this one and it did have PAL/NTSC conversion 'issues' and the associated dramas with.


    The author did a good job of transcribing the behavior of women onto yukkuris. Hypergamy is an ugly thing.


    You know what is the saddest thing?

    Not only did she keep Marisa's hat, but also the nest which probably was dug by Marisa. Something i kinda hate of this kind of "divorces" the guy get's kicked out of the stuff he worked his ass off to get, instead of doing the kicking out if things end badly, of course if they had cheated it may be a karmic punishment, but if things just scalated from continous fighting and clearly no love, if there is something i hate of a split up, is the hard working one that provided everything including the house, being the one being forced to leave instead of the other member leaving, going back with his or her parents or something, regardless if it's a woman or a man.