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marisa reimu untranslated_original koyukkuri crying experiment tears translation_available heaven_mode torture bald puffing_up deibu too_dumb_to_live shithead desperate_struggle sealed_mouth z-aki
marisa reimu translated koyukkuri peeing danger bald burnt_feet z-aki
absurdres anger_inducing bald crying deibu desperate_struggle experiment heaven_mode highres koyukkuri long_image marisa puffing_up reimu sealed_mouth shithead tall_image tears too_dumb_to_live torture translated z-aki
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    If this isn't anger inducing I don't know what is


    Nice job with the pic!

    z-aki and all the other akis with their damn DEIBUS! There's shithead. Then there's aki shithead. Sheesh.


    While it saddens me for the marisa, at least we can have the compensation that the deibu went down with her and probably she'll go to yukkuri hell unlike her hardworking sister.

    Awkward Specimen

    The worst part of it is that the relatively hardworking Marisa could have just floated on her hat.


    I hate that Reimu.
    Slacks off and takes it easy while the hard-working Marisa still drinks.
    She even peed and didn't allow Marisa to do that.


    Nah, the Marisa would go to hell for not taking it easy, while the very easy Reimu would ascend to heaven. All Yukkuri know that, that is why they try to take it easy all the time.


    Neth that's a very Yukkuri way of seeing it, yet considering that the "present yukkuri way of thinking" is 100% wrong unless they return to their easy roots, that won't be the case and if anything that may be the deluded mindset of the Deibu.

    Okay, now i want a comic on which a Deibu expect that after death, and even daring to go to enma or saint peter with the "pitiful reimu that died by uneasy" excuse only to the gatekeeper to go "nope, you're the bad one, you go to hell!" and then she gets thrown out to hell and HAPPY END....for us of course!


    It's also been shown a number of times that the actually good yukkuri go to yukkuri heaven.


    Fuck dat reimu, taste ownage


    The "Wefweshed!" and "Happiness!" expressions are simply hilarious.