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marisa reimu untranslated_original koyukkuri licking danger translation_available dumbass cannibalism eaten z-aki
marisa reimu translated koyukkuri licking danger cute dumbass cannibalism eaten z-aki
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    Awkward Specimen

    ...Do the two Marisas at the sides even know what happened?


    They are Marisas and i guess the point of that koma is that only Reimu cares for the little reimu (due selfishness). If it would be one of the little Marisas, then the parent marisa would be way more concerned i guess!


    This Marisa needs some type of punishment. The koMarisas as well. Though, they might not fully understand the situation.


    they are saying Yu? so It spears they are confused.


    Hmm i dunno, the Komarisa as much are just "there" it isn't like they went "showwy fod bweing sho gwead!" or somethingl ike that, in fact, they went as far as go "yu?" So maybe this time the kos aren't that bad, as much, ignorant, damn ignorant, but at least no trash line from them.

    >_> Still Father Marisa needs some quality time on the grill...


    Cokerpilot, you may want to double check what you wrote.


    Posted on 2010-08-14 18:54:13
    they are saying Yu? so It spears they are confused.

    or understood and liked it, kill all marisas..


    The one on the right has the typical startled-sign, so I think they weren't paying attention.


    Wtf was the Marisa worried about?


    Probably worried it was going to choke. Luckily, everything turned out okay!