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    This is why you don't let them inside of your shop and don't treat them like people at all, also why you don't give them money if you feel generous.

    Yukkuris just don't know how human society works for real and don't even try to, regardless of their low intelligence, and may even get offended, noisy and agressive if you state the obvious aspects of "you have to pay for your munch munch" or "no yukkur 1 coin won't make up for this 50 dollars worth of food", etc., so it's better to shoo them before you waste food or other worthy materials on them.


    let's see, if you say, "you have to pay your munch-munch"

    they would say: what? What the fuck are you saying? hurry and wash those dishes that we go away! not listening? you are stupid? want to die?

    sellers did the right thing, in my opinion they took up light..


    They shouldn't be in the shop to begin with, no retardo activists or anybody else should force shop owners to "accept" yukkuris in their shop, specially the ones that paralel homeless, bums and hobos, and to make matters worse, at least you can't expect true gratefulness from hobos and such, not from yukkuris.

    So while punishing the strays was the right thing, it should had been better from the beginning to kick them out before letting them eat anything, since, at the end, you wasted good food on a bunch of arrogant, ungrateful and non paying magical manjuus.


    What idiots let yukkuris into their shop anyways?

    Not to mention nobody's gonna eat those yukkuris anyway, so you don't get your money back at all, especially if they ate some expensive stuff.


    ^ Unless they want to play with their food. :)


    Is not it, When You Have the store, You Should leave any client in, waiting for him to pay..

    never Heard the expression: The customer is always right?


    AIE, Yukkuris, in general, are not considered clients in any way, either beggars, freeloaders or just too stupid to understand the real worth of money or to count beyond 3.

    So it really is a waste to let yukkuris inside a restaurant and let them eat your dishes, the same way it would be a waste to be a Convenience Market clerk and let them buy stuff that worths 50 dollars while they pay you 2 dollars and then getting offended if you tell them that clearly isn't enjough.


    If only this comic was longer. I'd like to see these yukkuri suffer for trying to eat then run.



    but we are in the universe yukkuri, this is a story of routine...


    So since its so routine, wouldn't stores have learned by now that yukkuris never have money? Especially shithead families like this.


    Or that even if they have money they really don't know how to use it and may pay you the worth of 100 dollars with a single five dollars bill?

    Yukkuris and shops should never interact, plain and simple, until they are True Gold or Plartinum Badged, yukkuris just can't handle the basic prospect of economical interchange.


    It might be a common feature of stories, but there really isn't a common chronological yukkuri-verse. If that were the case, we'd lose out on a lot of situations that'd allow them to get pasted (as unfortunate as they may be)...


    Yeah that's true, the only true cronological confirmation we have is that at the beginning yukkuris were nice, then they became dicks and abused of humanity's hospitality and this brought the hate on them, then annoying moe happened and abusers took the opportunity that "no rights, universally despised, etc." gave them and proceed to have their fun and then "everything else" happened.


    I really really doubt a yukkuri would be able to hang on to a hundred bucks for very long.... but it's possible they can go in a shop, dump all their money and eat up. But honestly, most shops don't welcome bums much either, so I can't imagine the talking manju equivalent would be any better.

    But yeah, either way this story is lolworthy.


    I usually think that, either the owners rip them off, plainly steal them, or, if they actually play lawful, they proceed to count the money without letting the yukkuris grab stuff, and they do the choosing for the yukkuris, even if maybe yukkuris may not appreciate this, but, let's be realistic, if they can't respect the basic Farm ownership, why people would care about their opinions when they don't understand the basic concept of money?


    JIE, I agree with your statement of only true gold and platinum badge yukkuri should be allowed in shops. These yukkuri should have been smashed moments after entering.


    Of course since we are discussing the world of yukkuris itself, i wouldn't be surprised if self deluded yukkuri activists forced the shop owners to let the yukkuris in and even make a fuzz if the owners state their rights to not accept them or not selling them what they want because they clearly can't afford it.

    That could also be a possibility, i mean, i do recall a pic of a pet yukkuri in the bus, something, that is darn unfair for the average pet owners since pets aren't allowed on buses, so why should yukkuri pets be given such privilege? Talking alone doesn't make them much worthier. So i wouldn't be susprised if yukkuri activists enforced such things and force a deluded "moral correctness", all because they can't grasp the concept of Fantasy Creature being in the middle of animals and intelligent beings, and clearly not necessarily worth to be treated like a person unless they really show the traits for that, like the True Gold and Platinum badged yukkuris do.

    Easy Expert

    >>The customer is always right

    Not if he's completely wrong or demanding bullshit. Even with all this consumer protection bla bla, there's still a good number of legit reasons for us hard-working clerks to kick a customer out of the store.


    I've seen humans worse than yukkuris and I'm not bluffing at all.... Makes me ashamed to call them fellow humans.

    That's not important. We need more wasabi fed to yukkuris. Wasabi is more pungent than spicy so if a yukkuri ate it... it might explode?

    Awkward Specimen

    I really think the Marisa should have been the wasabi victim.


    I'm sorry for the necromancing but i realized something.

    We wondered back then why only Reimu got wasabi treatment and i was thinking, she's the only one not vomiting while everybody else is, what if the marisa and the kos already got the wasabi treatment and now it's reimu's turn?


    I kinda side with yukkuri activists, but why the hell would we want them in human restaurants? It makes no fucking sense. They should be trying to build separate yukkuri restaurants.


    Psycho2112 said:
    I kinda side with yukkuri activists, but why the hell would we want them in human restaurants? It makes no fucking sense. They should be trying to build separate yukkuri restaurants.

    Why would you waste money on yukkuri restaurants (at least the kind that serves to them and not cook them as part of the meal)?
    Yukkuris just don't know how to use money or understand it, it's pointless to make them restaurants or any shop, specially for strays.

    Platinum Badged Yu's would be another story though.