One Yukkuri Place

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    Shanghai Alice

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but we do have a "farting" tag.

    It's mostly Remilia images, though. :3

    Officer Cool Face

    We do!
    Unrelated Q: If we have some artistic merit, can we post our own work on this site? Finding yukkuri images isn't easy.


    I don't recall artistic merit ever being a requirement... post #14739

    Officer Cool Face

    Now that is art. Premise, composition, and execution (no pun). Alrighty then so we can!


    There isn't a Dosu in this one. This is just a home invasion giving a master of abyuse his chance to display his skills to his friend.

    He first hits a Baby Marisa with his slipper, and though the rest of the family sneer at him for not inflicting any VISIBLE damage, they don't realize that the Baby Marisa is no longer moving or responding, not until they notice that it doesn't object to him taking away its hat. He killed it without creating a death smell at all. While they're trying to lick and rub the Baby Marisa, he kills a Baby Reimu, which they don't notice.

    Next he uses a rolled up newspaper, and smacks a Koreimu, making its eyes roll back in unconsciousness, but without any other injuries. It wakes up when he pulls off its braid, but he knocks it out again, and the family crowds around it in worry.

    His friend asks him to do one of the parents next, and Anon uses a towel, whacking Marisa repeatedly. His friend initially thinks it's just normal hitting, but realizes that Marisa did not cry, vomit, pee, or poop from all the punishment, because Anon's hits caused swellings that sealed off all orifices. He then does the same to Reimu, but focuses only on its feet, so that it has a reddened bottom.

    The story ends with them trying to decide which member of the family to abyuse next.