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marisa reimu translated koyukkuri crying eating tears bald cannibalism sealed_mouth sealed_eyes remiryaaki
absurdres bald cannibalism crying eating highres koyukkuri marisa reimu remiryaaki sealed_eyes sealed_mouth tears translation_available untranslated_original
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    This one sure needs a translation, i wonder if this will become a vicious cycle of shitheads eating shitheads and we wishing for the shithead that eats to have something bad happen to it, only for them to be made into food for yet another shit head continuing the least....if this Reimu is the same one from the previous comic and those 2 faceless kids are the koyukkuris that ate their fellow koyukkuris.


    Shithead yukkuri eating shithead yukkuri could be a bad idea. If the former have kids, they could be worse than their parents. Though, that might make torturing them a lot more fun.


    climbing easy!

    Climbing mister mountain easy!

    Yun-ho! Yun-ho! (A bastardized effort sound. I went with englishing it to heave-ho)

    [Welcome to the mountain's peak!]


    I shall eat my bento easy ze!


    It's Marisa's favorite mister insects!
    Thank you mister da ze!



    Munch munch!




    Once I reach the mountain's peak, I'll eat my bento!

    Miss' bento is very enjoyable!

    Yun-ho! Yun-ho!


    Random green huh.


    Oh. The food is from an anon. I just hope they are eating home invaders.


    Can someone explain what makes any of the yukkuri here "shitheads?" They don't realize they're doing anything wrong or are the victims of a sadistic anon.


    Nobody said they were Shitheads necessarily, i just said that, if this comic was a sequel of the previous one on which shitheads were captured and then 2 of the shithead ko's were made to eat their siblings without them knowing while the shithead mother was forced to breed them and see them being eaten.

    So i raised the possibility of this being a never ending cycle of shitheads eating shitheads and we wishing for the "shithead eaten others" to get also a bad end as well.

    Besides, Shitheads NEVER realize when they do anything wrong even if you tell them what they are doing wrong, and will not awknowledge it, that's what defines them. Dunno if this guys here are shitheads, but MRC never take "not realizing they are doing anything wrong" as a way to justify or make the yukkuris be innocent, since sometimes they do wrong things without realizing their wrongness and it is blatalty wrong, like eat someone's flower bed, someone's crops, invading someone's house, demmanding stuff, etc. There are other aspects that determinate when a yukkuri is a nicehead, a normalhead or a shithead, than "not realizing their wrongs".


    I still hope the kos these idiots are eating are home invaders or something. If anything, these yukkuri should be the next to receive the transformation threatment.