One Yukkuri Place

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    That's a pretty big tree, you're seriously gonna cut it down with THAT


    It's better than a herring.


    That tree doesn't look very easy.
    ..I suck at puns.


    It's a very sad specimen let me tell ya, that poor tree somehow was fused with a Yukkuri Marisa and now is cursed to be one of the most pathetic and annoying creatures ever, at least 90% of their kind are that.

    So you'll make the tree a favor if you cut it down, it would be like assisted suicide or euthanazia. Ah, and if the Marisa part complains, Ignore it and go full speed on it!


    For some reason I imagine the tree not feel getting cut down at all, then when it topples over it would say something to the effect of "Amazing! The whole world suddenly turned sideways!"