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marisa reimu untranslated_original violence pregnant translation_available bodied_yukkuri stalk zenraaki
marisa reimu translated violence pregnant bodied_yukkuri stalk zenraaki
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    There is something to worry about.
    Your kid will not probably be able to move and probably hate you.


    Bodied yukkuri are the best yukkuri by far in my opinion. F*cking Reimu and her yukkuri hate for bodied yukkuri.


    Yeah because being a bouncing manjuu head is biologically and evolutively better than being a proper humanoid with all the advantages it may bring, it sure would get in "her way", deeeeeeeeeeeerp

    Well they are yukkuris, not surprised they fail at realize how bodied shapes help them quite a lot, i mean, it's rare the cases of bodied yukkuris being abused or killed, unlike what happens with the average ones.


    I dunno, makes perfect sense to me.
    Yukkuris: Easy
    Humans: Uneasy
    Yukkuris that Look Like Humans: Very Uneasy

    That said, too bad there's not more stories of bodied/regular yukkuris working together like in post #27608


    Again, that's yukkuri logic and we know how flawed their logic is.

    Besides, lately i had been having serious doubts about their claims of easiness because of all the uneasiness they generate, hell sometimes they make humans look like the easy ones.