One Yukkuri Place

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    Anon: This food is yukkuri bean paste, just slightly dried out.
    But if they try to replenish their fluids, they get salt water, as I said earlier.*
    This should gradually stop their overeating without their having to think about it.

    Reimu: Dwy, dwy. Unhappiness.

    Anon: Hmm. Since it was just a short while ago, they're using the toilet properly.

    Reimu: Tummy ish full--doing poo-poo!
    Sound effect: pop!

    Anon: There--the ingredients for tomorrow's meal!
    It's sweet, so they'll eat it without a fuss.
    Although frankly, it's just litterbox sand.
    Sound effect: Squish squish

    *Is there a panel where he talked about this? I haven't seen it.


    Second thoughts on translation:

    >Reimu: Dwy, dwy. Unhappiness.

    Or, "Sho dwy. Unhappinesh." The glum little yukkuris eating their bad food and saying "Unhappiness." cracks me up.

    >Anon: Hmm. Since it was just a short while ago, they're using the toilet properly.

    Not sure _what_ was just a short while ago. He toilet-trained them? Or he started them on the dehydration diet, and eventually they're not going to eliminate any more?

    >Although frankly, it's just litterbox sand.*
    >Sound effect: Squish squish**

    *Literally, "toilet sand."
    **Gucha gucha--sounds to me like something squishy/sticky being mooshed around, although if there's sand in it, I'd expect a bit more of a crunch in the sound effect.


    I don't know if it actually talks of salt water but page 3205 is still untranslated

    (don't know how to link)


    Just put a >> in front of the image number. For example:
    post #3205


    Oh, there's mister salt water! Thanks, kurutto-kun and Three!