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    This one... was pretty sad at the end... :'(


    This is so sad that i can't bring myself to seriously use the joke of "This is the Result of taking it too easy!"

    Let's hope that this lil Marisa won't inherit the older Marisa's bad aspects, even without "Mommy Alice" around.


    Now go back to Page 1 and continue ^^


    @ Sarrg



    So the anon is an inmortal that is bound to repeat the same incident over and over in a twisted loop?

    Now i'm feeling bad for anon. . .


    I think anon was tired for yukkuris, so he killed marisa, and left thrown alice on the ground, if the small marisa commit one mistake, I think she will suffer the same fate as their parents.


    I have to ask though; what's the purpose of reposting series that are already on here?
    Did you do any extra editing? Make translation corrections?


    He did the typesetting, i don't recall this story having a type setting, only a "on comment" translation.

    But i could be mistaken. . .and man it has been so long , that i don't recall this story's original name.


    "Unfortunate Events" was the original name for this. And no, I don't think the original was translated at all, except by the comments. This is the full translated version, and a welcome addition.

    Now we just need the monstrous task that is translating Yu Donuts, and we'd be set.


    Yeah that was the title, i think it fits more to the overall story, like poweryoga said, in the end this whole story is a series of "Unfortunate Events"


    I like this one, particularly because Anon isn't the typical "fautlless, perfect arbiter of justice to the lowly manjuus who should be worshipping and venerating him at all times". He's kind of a jerk and, who would have guessed it, human. Nice to see yukkuri fan works are evolving beyond "I like drawing bean paste"


    At the same time he's a pretty nice and hard working guy that if anything just wanted a companion to trust and got betrayed by that original companion and reacted because of that.

    I think he may be a typical "average joe" you know someone that isn't that into yukkuris, likes them as pet and all, but isn't like a hobbist of yukkuris like some of us would be if we lived on that world.

    Though seriously hankyspank were do you get the impresion of "fautlless, perfect arbiter of justice to the lowly manjuus who should be worshipping and venerating him at all times" ?

    Anon seems to mainly seek to implement pain to the yukkuris for different reasons, which yukkuris and why, really depends of such reasons, but it's usually that, "bring pain to the yukkuris", doubt anybody would want the yukkuris worshipping them, >_> honestly what kind of fun would you have having such idiots as minions or anything?


    In my opinion, if i wanted to be worshipped or venerated by round things, i rather have Haros, they are cooler and more useful than yukkuris, yukkuris, niceheads to be precise, are better for pets if they are cute =º


    Hahaha, it was hyperbole of course, or at the very least, poor word choice. All I'm really saying is that it's nice to see an anon with emotions other than "unbridled rage/contempt for yukkuri" and overall a more... realistic portrayal? I can't fault anon here for what he's done but I do like the fact that he has some emotional and external considerations behind his actions.

    What I'm trying to get at, and this is slightly off-topic, is the odd and disjointed yu-niverse in which these fan works so often exist. How many yukkuri does it take to kill a man? A hundred thousand of the vile creatures could hardly fell a single human, not because they are too small or too weak, but simply by virtue of the human being human. The man is almost on an entirely separate order of existence from the yukkuri.

    Don't get me wrong here, I have nothing against seeing the jerks among them get beaten to a pulp and probably enjoy it as much as you do. I just think from a literary standpoint it would be nice to see what happens if you let them bite back. What's triumph without strife, after all?


    I have this crazy theory that, as part of the general "world curse" that yukkuri have for changing to such a uneasy way of "taking it easy", you know bending natural and physical laws just to screw with them, the world trolls them by making humans nearly unbeatable creatures for them.

    Specially like some sort of counter effect of their delusion of being stronger than humans.

    Kinda like a reverse "Belief Effect" about humans, the more they look down on the humans the more "broken and undefeatable" they are in the stories. Sadly since the world and nature tend to be non discriminative this also applies to niceheads and the boost humans get while fighting yukkuris remains even while torturing nice yukkuris.


    Ah, so basically they've got reverse-40k-ork powers.


    That's my theory, mainly derived from the "the world bend the rules just to screw them".


    Back with the haros.

    I wonder why there isn't any yukkuri work featuring them as well >_> specially a vs one.
    I would like seeing Haros smacking around shitheads.


    This is a pretty ancient story, and the edit of it was posted a long time ago on the google group but never uploaded here. One of my favourites, though.


    ....That's quite possibly the saddest picture I've ever seen.


    I can't accept this end... shit!


    Cripes that was a depressing and winding tale. A good read but it just layered tragedy upon tragedy. In the end I feel zero pity for the adult Marisa though.

    Even while she was undergoing gold badge training, she had it in her mind to use her improved standing as a way to circumvent her owner's rules, and then she deprives her only living child of the only parent its ever known in her selfish and half-crazed desire to win back her owner's affections. She just poisoned everything she touched.


    A sad read. I felt sorry for that Marisa. Yes, she made a bad choice. Yes, her owner worked hard for her, but, well, let me take it step-by-step:

    The Reimu deserved what she got. The child Reimu didn't. Reimu knew what was going to happen if she went into that house. The child was still young, and thought she could get back her treasure. Children are like that sometimes: not aware of the larger danger in things.

    The child Marisa that she 'abandoned,' was not really abandoned, and unless I missed it, I'm not exactly sure what happened to her. All I know is just her hat remained.

    The father Marisa. Wow. Just. Wow. I'm in awe of the poor thing's suffering. Yes, she wanted the gold badge so she could hopefully stay with Reimu. Yes, that was a bad decision. Yes, the anon worked hard to feed Marisa, but if you know yukkuriverse, you know food isn't THAT important -- the doughnuts should be a treat, and you can feed them literally anything. Even though the gold badge was just for Reimu, Marisa still worked hard to earn it. It's not like it would have been THAT much more expensive to raise a Reimu and a few koikurris. The Reimu was probably just eating grass in the back yard. I'd have simply castrated them after that.

    The part that really almost set me to tears, however, was the choice of hats. No matter which she chose, she was doomed. That anon had no intention of letting her get away unscathed.

    I wish I'd have been there. There's a simple way to tell if Marisa was a gold badge: her hat would have had a rip.

    Desperation and uneasiness lead her to her final destination, and her final act of insanity. The poor creature. What a fate. It's easy to stand and judge the thing for it's bad decisions, it's another to stand in it's shoes and understand what it was feeling at the moment it made them.

    Then again, it's all imaginary. I still wouldn't want to live in the yuverse. I already have no faith in humanity.


    So annoying to see the newbies completely missing the point of the story when I wasn't around.

    Here how it goes, Marisa was being manipulative with her owner, not only hidding her relationship with the stray reimu but also constantly covering for her if Anon heard some yukkuri rukkus nearby, then assumed the gold bad would give her some sort of power to do whatever it wanted, when that's not the point of the badge.

    She had good points as a parent, but well Reimu was shit, so that adds salt on the wound of Marisa's incredibly stupid mistake.

    There was this one time Marisa could had achieved remdeption, when winter was over and she returned the first time, saw the Alice and such and instead of still persevere and try her luck, she went around begging, getting her hat mugged and everything lost.

    Then she meet Alice again, out of spitefulness she attemps the same trick Reimu probably did to her ages ago, Alice is actually smarter than her and outright says she won't hook up with her because of the rules, literally what Marisa should had said back then but she didn't.

    Then the Korean Drama End Happens.

    And to add salt on this Korean Wound, we have a lil Komarisa now missing her adoptive Alice Mother and an Anon having lost further hope on yukkuris more so with having to bear the bad news to Komarisa and witness her crying her eyes out for her loss.

    One could argue about the rules being too much or whatever, but they are implemented for a reason, yukkuri nature while not fully comprehended, had notorious traits and quirks that had to be controlled to avoid problems in a way or other.
    It may sound cruel, but it can't be helped, for yukkuris and humans to be happy, those rules had to be enforced and respected because, this pastry golems called Yukkuris were already tarnished by that asshole wizard ages ago back in Gensokyo and unless another wizard shows up and spell back the yukkuris to their original FFish nature, this kind of scenarios may never stop, ergo, needing to control yukkuris for their own sake.

    Moral of the story, stop the silly white knighting of pastry golems, or the rabid murder obsession with them for just "standing there" (without looking disgusting, obese, smug, etc.) all you have to do is curse and confound that Asshole Wizard from the very beginning, since he probably made the yukkuris drive you to drink!