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    1) Mu~nch Mu~nch Happiness!
    2) Mu~nch Mu~nch Happiness!

    Fuck, I don't even know japanese.


    And the scream may be an extremely distorted "Stop!".
    And I don't know Japanese either. Aren't yukkuri awesome for learning?


    Its exactly right.>"Stop!"

    That Guy

    "Yameteeeeee" slurred to "Yabedeeeeee"


    1)Reimu eats her kids
    2)More bean paste in her for consumption

    1109 Killer

    Whatever they will be , This framer want them dead.
    I guess.


    if stupid shits come and eat the vegetables you worked hard to cultivate, then mock you and tell you to get out of their "easy place", you'd want those things dead too.


    Yukkuri comics are indeed good for learning. I'm actually learning Japanese, and I've learned more words from this site than I care to admit.

    1109 Killer

    Mr.Power yoka
    It may like some idiot people say that public place is their place and I must go away , it can made a bad feeling.

    That yukkuri do the same here , an you ask me about my opion.
    what I feel or I really want them dead.

    I am not really want to kill a yukkuris , a man , an animals that steal some of my food.
    anyway , If a yukkuris or an animals will make me strave to death and it can not learn by a simple punisment or I can not made them go away , I will kill them.
    and will kill them all if it was necessary.
    I kill them quickly for end a problem , because they are deserve to a punishment , not an anger.

    But I will do different to a mans , because of a mans are under protected by the laws.

    Shanghai Alice


    A yukkuri within a yukkuri within a yukkuri within a yukkuri with a...


    This picture makes me think of those cool Russian dolls. Plus, this is actually creative. Rare and hard to do, but creative.


    Haha creative. And damn that smallest ko is cute as hell. Don't push down yet anon... I wanna take that one home.


    Pretty sure making and painting actual matryoshka dolls is more creative than stuffing one yukkuri into another's mouth. Unless that's what you're saying.


    It's a creative way to torture them. I've never seen this method before. Plus, how often do you find yukkuri of various sizes that perfectly fit in each other's mouths?

    Matryoshka dolls are still better, though.


    Stuffing a yukkuri into another's mouth has already been seen (mouth_abuse is the tag for it), but I've never seen a triple yukkuri-in-yukkuri's-mouth arrangement. A bonus in creativity.

    And extra points from me because, seriously, that smallest koyukkuri is just way cuter than any other I've ever seen. No anon don't push down! Not yet anyway! I wanna take that one home with me.


    Although cute, she's just as guilty as her sister and mother.


    It's not like I think otherwise. I feel a strong temptation to make myself believe it's not so guilty though.


    If you go for the sins of the father interpretation then yeah the ko's guilty and irredeemable. But given it's size, it's not that old. It doesn't know any better. If it's parent gives it food, is the ko going to say "wait, where's this from?" Is it going to know or even be capable of leaving it's family because they're stealing food or doing trashy things? No, it's a baby that trusts it's parents because it knows no better yet.

    It's small and young enough that if someone puts some effort into training, it could probably become a decently behaved yukkuri.


    Well usually that may apply to normal babies, but with yukkuris is different, unless, they are breed by humans since day 1, or a non trashy yukkuri takes care of them, they may just stick to what the trashy parents taught them and not listen to a mister human, specially if it dealed with the parents, because of "how uneasy they are and how they hog up the mister vegetables". They may listen to other yukkuris if they are young enough, but still, it's all a natural luck gamble, sometimes you just find yourself with Kos as trashy and as stubborn as their parents and clearly won't change.

    Let's just think like this, because of their simplistic nature, yukkuris will turn to absolutists way of thinking and may not revert back ever, even kos can be faced with this after some point of their lives, their only chance is to either be breed from the beginning to become better and more complex minded creature allowing the less absolutists ideas to take predominance of their mindsets or be young enough for a fellow yukkuri to change their minds.

    Though in this scenario i really don't think that would be possible, since it's a "uneasy mister human that hogs up the vegetables", and since at this point, the ko may had grown into a unreasonable and trashy family, the ko may really don't have anyway to change, or to listen to anything "non" yukkuri, and even yukkuris, if the ko is corrupted beyond salvation, may sound "uneasy and annoying" to this kos.


    Now about cuteness, in my honest opinion, the 3 are cute, not like that shall forgive their crime, but still, they are pretty cute, kinda proves my point that "cute or not" a trash yukkuri is trash.


    You're right, raising a ko isn't worth the risk or the massive drain on resources. Better to smash now, wonder later how things might have one than to court disaster.


    And if you want to raise good kos, do it yourself without any parent, and maybe from the very stalk, they may grow more willing to change if their only experience with other creatures had been with you since even before being born.

    It's that or, i you have the resources, expertice and time, to do like in Hourai's fic, it sure will take time, but if you have it, no problem, yet this clearly isn't a solution for an average farmer or the average joe to take.


    The two larger ones look like shitheads, or neutral-natured at best. But something in the smallest koyukkuri tells me that it could be very good-natured. Of course, I'm not about to push the point. It's just the feeling I get from it anyway.

    Besides, not all yukkuris that eat from farms are necessarily guaranteed shitheaded. For all I know, a perfectly good-natured wild yukkuri could chance upon a farmland while taking it easy, see something tasty and munch-munch it happily, not even knowing of uneasy mister humans hogging up vegetables or considering them as such. And since this picture has no evidence supporting either case, I'd rather go believe that it's possible the cute small koyukkuri is still good-natured. That feels better for me personally.

    Oh but the easiest way to get good-natured yukkuris is to get a stalk from some yukkuri and raise it myself, as JIE said. But even so, some of them are born shitheads. God help them..


    Hmm usually good nature yukkuris tend to be smarter for some reason, so they'll be able to tell the difference between a "farm" (aka the fences and stuff) and wild vegetables found in the forest.

    Ironically with yukkuris, it tends to be more like, the good and better they are, the smarter and more complex thought able they are, the trash and shithead they are, the more simplistic, and idiotic they are.

    So i think good yukkuris would avoid farms, because of the notorious "mister fence" and maybe seeing the farmers working there at some point.

    Maybe neutral may have better chances of doing that in farms, but truth be told, it's usually the shitheads the ones that do it, one can tell out of how boastful, noisy, arrogant and stupid they act.

    Good yukkuris and Neutral yukkuris tend to work harder for their stuff, though neutrals tend to be able to get tempted by the "selfish easy way" from time to time, meanwhile Good ones refrain of doing so.


    That's also true. If a yukkuri could be both shitheaded and intelligent+skillful+knowledgeable, god help the yukkuris that the shithead will exploit. Especially the good-natured ones. Some yukkuris would be too kind to even bring themselves to punish the gesu even while knowing that they're stronger.

    Well, yukkuris vary, situations vary, and that one image doesn't show enough to judge them, at any rate. Unless it's continued in some way, or shows what they were like. Who's the artist?


    then let's just say this, they are paying for eating mister vegetables from a farmer, and regardless of their status, they were asking for it, for not respecting other people's properties and hardwork, that and the farmer felt like being a bit original with his punishment considering that it is quite fitting for something gluttonous and that ate your shit, to be forced in a "eat something you really don't want to eat" situation.


    Oh, I'm not about to call the farmer's response wrong. Regardless of the yukkuris' intentions and nature, to the farmer it's still messing with his crops that he's cultivating to eat and/or sell to earn money. Not letting that pass isn't unjustified.


    assuming they understand the concept of property. A quick death would have been fine here as well but if it makes the farmer feel better I guess it works.


    In a degree they do, remember how defensive they act if someone takes their easy place or eat their munch munch without permision, so in a way, they do understand the concept of territory that is part of the oncept of property ownership, and, unlike animals, they speak and understand the human language, maybe not read it, but at least if someone go "This is my place GTFO" they should understand.

    Usually yukkuris that give a damn with their retarded logic, will just invade, claiming retarded shit like hogging up vegetables, that vegetables grow everywhere, that the human's easy places should be theirs, etc.

    All this, forgetting, that they clearly wouldn't like humans going to their easy places, stealing them and taking their munch munch, and even and not awknowledging the human's hard work to make their own easy places or grow their own mister munch munch.

    So let's not question any more what happened in this pic, they invaded someone's property and they are paying for it, since they are yukkuris, it's fine to do whatever you please with them, specially when they wronged you, now what you do with them depends of each one's preference, and maybe if the yukkuris show trash/shithead attitude, neutral attitude or good attitude (last one is quite unlikely since good ones are smart enough to avoid mister human's crops), but since we don't see hints of trash or anything, we can only accept that the Farmer Rightfully punished invaders, yet felt like doing it in a creative, stress releaving and ironic way.


    It's a baby that trusts its parents, so obviously everything the parents do must be the right thing. Invading and taking food from the farms must be a fine thing to do, there's nothing wrong with it. It's young, so it doesn't know any better and that's the attitude it's been brought up with. The amount of training it would take to override that concept, especially as it's ingrained into them by the parents (who are always right and know best, the role-models) would be ridiculous. Better of just smashing, and getting one fresh off a stalk indeed.

    Back on topic, whether or not it actually the youngest ko actually knows better or not doesn't matter. The farmer probably couldn't be bothered to think so deep and was just pissed off at some retarded blobs eating his produce.