One Yukkuri Place

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    Gothic Togekiss

    Revised with the stuff I left out. When I was making this compilation earlier the stuff about the earth turning into Yu and the Mother Reimu dreaming this up wasn't posted yet. I didn't felt like fixing the mistake until now so yeah fuck me.


    wont punish...


    Reviewing and asking for clarification:
    1. 4 yukkuri fruits: Reimu-Marisa-Marisa-Reimu
    2. Bend the stalk in half, halting the paste flow
    3. Let them watch their sister (of same type) strangled to death
    4. Withered and pops
    5. Paste flow up to 150%, changed to Deibu
    6. Big poo poo to fallen sister(?) or maybe cannibalized daddy (?)
    7. Something stepped on Mother Reimu
    8. Paste flow up to 300%
    9. Critical pressure, baby goes boom
    10. Double Deibu
    11. Stalk breaks from overweight
    12. Deibu withered
    13. Paste flow to Marisa
    14. Marisa is born