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    aww...poor shell marisa


    nah i can't take it easy = ='

    i know how Marisa's feeling... (ofcos i no)

    but it's not Shell-Marisa's fault

    this is the only story i want to see (real) happy ending without dead...


    The real tragedy is that KoMarisa is only doing what is normal for a child in the same situation, but she will likely be punished for this action, either with death or banishment.
    Also, translation request.

    Nameless Troll

    I think the even more tragic thing here is what the father marisa doing

    it thought that the handicapped child need more attention that he neglect his normal child that also need some attention

    i wonder... in the real world which is that usually more likely to happen?
    handicapped child getting neglected or normal children getting neglected?


    I think you're giving mommy Marisa more credit than she deserves with "it thought that the handicapped child need more attention." I don't think yukkuris think anything through; they just do whatever comes into their heads.

    The problem with comparing this to the world world is that here the shell is not really a handicap or something useful, just something different. And your question is twisted: you asked which child will be neglected.... what if neither child is neglected?

    user 1030

    1) Both of you, be good kids and watch the house, okay?
    2) Yu~, yu-yu~
    3) Watchin je houshe wish Shis~, yu~yunyun~
    4) Chake, chake ich eaj-
    -CHUT UP! (*)
    5) -Shis? Whatch happenej? Why awe you angwy?
    6) -I'm chelling you cho be qwietch!
    7) -Awe you schupid!?

    *: Sorry.


    hmmm i'll try my best lol (i'm not good enough buy i'll try)

    Right > Left panel ok? take it easy i'm newbie~

    "we two let's be good stay at home!"
    "stay at home with big-sis yunyun yu~"
    "let's take it Easy(yukkuri)~ easy(yukkuri)~"

    "SHUT (the fuck?) UP!!"

    "Big-sis what happen? why are you angry ?"

    effect* grab
    "i've told you to shut up ,right!?"

    "are you stupid!?"


    lol sry if i wrong

    thx CapableScoutMan lol

    seems my japanese is still suck~

    user 1030

    I was actually wondering what would happen if someone else was working on this at the same time, lol.

    On the child neglection subject, as far as I've seen, the "normal" children tend to get neglected...and they eventually develop problems of their own in their search for attention. All of them being given equal care, as SUN says, is only possible if the parents have saintly patience, especially in big families. These yukkuris have it relatively good, imagine 5-6 jealous koyukkuris stoning the shelled one.

    Nameless Troll

    my question there actually is, which one is more neglected?
    because as CapableScoutMan said, it's impossible to give both completely equal attention

    also i agree too that the normal one tend to get more neglected
    for example, the handicapped homeless tend to get donation more easily than the normal one, isn't it?