One Yukkuri Place

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    user 1030

    1) -Sli~je, sli~je...
    -Yuu... Shis, don'ch bully me...

    2) -N-yu? (sfx: pok)

    3) -Yu~! Chable!
    -I awwived eajy!

    4) -And Mwommie!
    -Putch Maricha on the chable, okay?

    6) -Yu...I fowgot, Mwommie's outch...
    -Shis! Putch Maricha on the chable~!


    Sincerely hoping that this series will get edited.


    How'd komarisa get on the table in the first place?


    it jumped, but the shell is too heavy for little was already hard for her to crawl to the table

    Nameless Troll

    this shell one is annoying, kill it plz... -_-


    And the twist is there's a hat under the shell, all it had to do was remove the shell from its head to find the hat and it can become like the rest of those misbegotten pastries.

    At that point the elder will snap and kill the small one for all the suffering it caused in the past when the pain could have been avoided if it had remove its shell.


    I don't see this adaptation becoming useful. She can barely move on her own.


    Not every mutation is useful.


    I think she's only weak because she was spoiled by her mother.

    Maybe if her mother treat her like a normal Marisa, she'd be strong enough to move the shell faster and maybe even crawl up walls.

    Nameless Troll

    so in the same sense, if we train a chicken like a bird it will be strong enough to fly high in the sky?

    i get the point of spoiling it to the point that it became so fucking weak, but that shell sure look too heavy for even a strong yukkuri to crawl up walls


    It was established that she can't move, she is still a koyukkuri, so I'd imagine that she can't no matter what.

    It doesn't seem like Yukkuri have muscles that get stronger or weaker with use.