One Yukkuri Place

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    boom I missing something here?


    Guess I was asking for too much when I stated my prediction.

    The route was, "same as always."

    Anyway, by the look of it, he's becoming possessed by the spirit of Mister Mohawk (abyuse addiction)


    That implies mister mohawk is dead. Wonder what the cause is.


    Maybe he's like the boy with the golden bat?


    A few things:

    1) Mr mohawk isn't dead. This is anon's abyusive-side awakening and turning him into an "onii-san", with the typical kanji. He's feeling the joy and darkness creeping up within him. Mr.Mohawk can be seen in previous panels.
    2) Yukkuri abuse became illegal in this world, so the famous yukkuri abyusers (onii-sans) are legends in their community.
    3) Mr mohawk is his friend as seen in previous panels, I didn't read this part too closely so I'm not sure what the connections were. I think they're just friends.
    3) The story seems to be about trying to breed a specific type of marisa (the one that wants to go out and kick everyone's ass). Which is why it's a big deal to have so many of those types of yukkuris being forcefully being created. Anon is joyful at being able to abuse these precious yukkuris.


    So I was sort-of right.

    I guess this is the, "Guard Marisa," or maybe, "Fighter Marisa?"


    From the opening of this chapter, it seems like this is a part from stories about the rise of the legendary abyusers of post anti-abyuse law world


    Am I the only one here of thinks of Eddie when I see that otherworldly figure?


    But it's only two minutes to midnight...


    This is said to be only the prologue of a story about the abusers, so there should be later chapters about their adventure against the anti-abuse government?


    TosylChloride said:

    This is said to be only the prologue of a story about the abusers, so there should be later chapters about their adventure against the anti-abuse government?

    There is no need to write that. You can look at mental institutions and correctional facilities in real life and see the result of too much sadism or psychopathy that is not sanctioned or ignored by the government.

    Seriously, you actually wonder about this?\

    If you want to read of the adventures of edgy criminals (considering abyuse is a crime in this story), you should seriously watch Oz. Prison rape, shankings, drugs up the butt and overdosing are what you should expect to happen to abyusers still trying to be edgy when it is already outlawed -_-. And chances are considering abyuse would likely be viewed as unmanly because the ones you can abyuse are the unthreatening species, you have abyusers being a prime target for sexual abuse.

    Killing yukkuris in this story is fine (there is probably a regulated guideline by the government) but not the abyuse.

    Chances are if yukkuri were real, they'd be treated as if they were feral pests that you can kill but not necessarily abuse. It would make even more sense if the most the average joe can do is call the authorities to get rid of yukkuri because there is a very high likelihood your typical schmuck would try to kill dangerous ones because they are unaware of such a thing and you'll have a smouldering crater somewhere in the world -_- or a rampaging yukkuri damaging property and maybe killing people.