One Yukkuri Place

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    My favourite kind of abyuse!


    Love this. Simple, effective, and my favorite part is it's a slow death. I definitely feel all yukkuris deserve a slow death instead of being instantly squished.


    This is a nice idea, anti-yukkuri poles
    When a yukkuri annoys you, you put it on top of one and let nature do its things
    It's not even strictly abyuse, since you are not harming the manjuu in any way, and if they learned to be polite maybe some kind mister would place them on the ground again
    Though if they were polite they probably wouldn't be there in the first place...


    I love these slow abyuse stories. It reminds me of another one I can't remember who was the creator. It involved a mother Reimyu and a baby left to die on top of a vending machine on a hot day. I feel a little silly I can't remember considering it's one of my favorites, but there we are.


    Hitosura said:

    ^ That one.

    Didn't like that one, mostly because I'm not a fan of, 'human who is having bad day decides to kill yukkuri because they're there'

    Ah, I had a feeling it was Takumi. Thanks for the reminder. If it was any other human than Mr. Mohawk, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much as I did. The reason I always found it so funny is that, usually, when you see him in a strip torturing/killing Yukkuri, it's very messy and elaborate. However, in this one he was so tired and irritated by the heat that he sort of half-assed it. Normally Mr. Mohawk isn't lazy with his abyuse.


    a particularly sadistic and cruel form of abuse imo

    Pun Master

    This is almost like a cryusifiction !