One Yukkuri Place

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    I tried translating as much as possible, but I am not native speaker and there would be many mistakes.
    I would easy if you could check and fix it.


    Thank you for translating, hurbur.


    Thank you for translating as much as you could.

    Odd that she found a big Remilia bonnet. Maybe her mom became dosu?

    Anyway, shame it didn't go further. I could actually see this story turning around -- Remilia goes back to Marisa family and maybe reconciles. Maybe they become friends. Marisa teaches Remilia how to hunt.

    They could rule the park together!


    lol, nothing wrong with bullying remirya
    it's too mainstream only bullying deibu or badiza

    hope there's more in the future for bullying other than mentioned above


    At least this ending is open enough that the Remelia type is not doomed.


    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. This isn't really a, "HAPPY END!" because Remilia is still alive, and is thinking about the other family.

    Hence what I said could happen.

    Also, 'too dumb to live?' Not really. It's not as if she is making that a home -- she's just staying there to get away from the wind. Pretty sure that guy doesn't pick up the trash, either, he just disposes of them into the bin.


    aw, lookinh at the thumbnail, I thought it was a charity donation bin


    In the end he or she will die by anon plus he or she didn't find their mother how sad.


    Mother is dead. See title page. The anon already disposed of the mother, but didn't dispose of the bonnet.