One Yukkuri Place

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    Well this was something that didn't need to exist


    Incest tag is kinda underused lol.


    That was disturbing to say the least.


    EasyV said:

    If I really put myself into it, I can imagine they are human beings

    It's ironic, if you take your average abyuse story and its methods and try to apply it to humans, it could easily be some of the most egregiously disturbing gore imaginable, especially stuff involving genitals and babies. On the other hand, this is practically a typical hentai plot (like, I've seen the equivalent of that last panel many times and it's hot when done right), and yet applying it to Yukkuris just makes it so so awful.


    Excuse me while I delete my internet history...


    Jackie-Chen said:

    Excuse me while I delete my internet history...

    Yeah, I'm just gonna go and mainline my entire brain with bleach.


    i figured Yus were incestuous, Since they don't travel fair or have different names. But this is some next level mental illness shit right here. I don't want you to delete it but its a bit much for me