One Yukkuri Place

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    any summary of the story?


    Ahegao said:

    any summary of the story?

    The story is fairly long, so I wouldn't hold my hopes


    It's Christmas, the season of hope, and this being yukkuri land it must come late.

    Anon goes to buy juice at a vending machine with marisa beside it laughing at him, he drop his coins and it she continues laughing and sits on his 100 yen coin saying she found it she's so good and farts at him.

    He takes her hat and lights it on fire, she wants the world's best hat back telling the sparkles to listen to her and to stop bullying her. He notes that they're scared of fire and while she said all that she didn't approach it. A stupidish smart one.

    Then he pulls her braids apart, she says he isn't a stupid human so stop but he rips it off from the root and lights it on fire.

    She then bemoans her fate and why it happens to her and shitty human need punishment. Not once did she apologize or acknowledge what she said is the cause. So he takes her to the park toilet.

    She complains it stinks, he says she'll live here now and drops her in the urinal with its high edge and warns her she'll melt but that's boring so he goes to the yukkuri shop to buy water resistance spray for owners who take their pets to the beach. (Feels like hundreds die would out there from the sun, sand and water, crabs and pebbles.)

    When he returns the urinal is surrounded by kids commenting on the shit manju. She's still shit talking but she does realize they'll pee and melt her.

    He stops them and they politely tell him not to stop them and he feels they're the same as him and explains the anti-water spray. He says take it easy and she reflexively reply and gets a mouthful of spray and rolls around from the pressure. Then the kids say take it easy and pees at her reflex. The kids have their turn but then realize it's time for study time and they need to hurry off to study. Anon realize they're not cheeky brats and abyuse is a communication tool connecting humans together.

    Marisa continues bemoaning her fate and saying isn't Anon ashamed of what he does? So he flushes the urinal and she rolls around drowning and asking for her hat. Then he takes a tape from the cleaning closet and writes on it "Please spray this marisa with the water resistance spray, your little care can save this little life." And leaves with a cry of "let me out" behind him.

    He forgets about her for a week and comes back to find her still alive. He thinks there's not many users but finds four more bottles and there's more instructions. "Koyukkuris are weak so let the water flow fill her throat, and since yukkuris eat anything the convenience store receipt will suffice." And so on with advice on prolonging the suffering. Marisa still bemoans her fate with a face of despair but Anon is surprised at how she doesn't know her survival is a miracle. Anyone with a slight bit more mischief can kill her and with so many people passing by that only her continued torture is the unseen mercy that keeps her alive. He feels touched at this realization and has to pee. He follows the instructions and repeatedly tells her take it easy. He feels fulfilled at the care people have for her and that the manjuu doesn't realize she is being protected by humans.

    Later he heard a drunk salaryman shat in the urinal and killed it. So he went to confirm but the toilet was old and torn down. He tried investigating about that marisa but doesn't find anyone who knows.

    Updated by Gitamii


    Gitamii said:

    Anon realize they're not cheeky brats and abyuse is a communication tool connecting humans together.

    Later he heard a drunk salaryman shat in the urinal and killed it.

    This story is fucking golden.


    I like it