One Yukkuri Place

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  • まりちゃが人間に立ち向かうの好き

    Maricha likes to stand up against humans

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    just to know, does it breath while puffing?


    Nitro said:

    just to know, does it breath while puffing?

    actually, it should be asked whether they breathe at all or not. they do, according to their own belief while in reality, whether they breathe or not is a mystery. you can tell them that the space inside a normal box is a vacuum, and they will suffocate on normal air in that box. the converse experiment should also be true: tell them that a solid jar is filled with air in all cases, and run a vacuum packaging machine on it - the yukkuri's should still be fine, aside from their eyes popping out and their bodies exploding due to depressurization.