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  • This dosumarisa has two braids because apparently Marisa was drawn in official art as having two braids. I thought to myself would it not be cool to have a Marisa in an action pose like a berserker of sorts.

    Once I started working, I thought why not make a pun and at the same time go for a more edgelord image, so here we go.

    This Dosumarisa did not develop a spark and was given basic military training in the operations of common small arms primarily as a mere grunt. As a dosuyukkuri is predisposed to make a clan take it easy, dosumarisa is prone to heroics and the many horrors of war she has participated in has scarred her mind.

    Her body's scars may disappear by the mere application of orange juice but the mental scars were never addressed. Like any tragic tale of soldiers who snap, Dosumarisa went berserk in the military camp where she is stationed.

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    Actually the number of braids Marisa has varies greatly
    For example in TH16 she doesn't have any
    However, it's more common to see her with a single braid than something else